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VEVOR Customer VEVOR Customer
Excellent little machine
Had a watch that I had previously stripped down waiting. Six minutes in the machine and it was sparkling. So easy to use, I hope it will give me many years of good service. Small enough to store very easily too
Michael Knight Michael Knight
no more tarnished silver
I love this for cleaning my jewellery, sterling silver will dull or go almost black over time but after a couple of minutes in this it sparkles again, a really tarnished piece had to be done twice. All you have to do is tip out the water and wipe the bath down to keep it clean
This has changed my life.
I am a lover of jewellery, and I wear multiple items daily. For me, this means I need to clean my jewellery regularly. I mainly wear sterling silver jewellery but, on occasion, gold. I bought and have used a cleaning cloth for several years. However, it got to the point that it wasn't cutting it. The shine was not shining. So, I looked into what professionals use and stumbled across Ultrasonic cleaners. Looking for one that is not industrial, I came across this website. I had never heard of these guys before, and I was a bit hesitant, but I thought, ah, I may as well try my luck and WOW. I am SO glad I did. This little machine has changed my life. All my friends have come over to clean their jewellery with it too. My items look brand new, and the fact it is mine makes me so happy. I am tempted to get the bigger one. I just love it so much!
Haole88 Haole88
Works brilliantly and so easy to use!
Absolutely loved this. I set out one day to do all of my jewelry, put a towel on the counter and was done in an hour or so. I grouped items by type (gold type, silver, pewter, etc) then put in a few items of each at a time. When it beeped that it was done I would grab out the items to the corner of the towel, put the next set in and then wipe dry each item gently and set it on the other end of the towel to fully air dry. I swapped out the water after two or three goes. Particularly hard items I haven't cleaned in forever/rarely wear had to be done two or three times but they all came sparkling in the end. Then just wipe out the basin, tuck the cord into the base for storage and into the closet taken up very little space. Really a great buy - super happy! (I both followed the instructions given and looked up online what other techniques people use in these cleaners for different metal types. Vinegar, dish soap, etc)
Amanda Lopez Amanda Lopez
C'est le 3e que j'ai de ce type. USAGE PROFESSIONNEL

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