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Nick Nick
1/2 inch BSP FPT 60 pcs
Dimensions are exact
Exactly as described.
Jackie Bell Jackie Bell
1/2 inch BSP FPT 60 pcs
Very efficient for the money!
Very efficient for the money!
Kurtis Kurtis
Odd connector size
The biggest thing for me is the connectors. After purchasing the wort chiller I found that the 3/4 inch is an odd size most connectors are 1/2 inch.
3/4 inch MNPT 40 pcs
serious and responsible seller !!
After receiving an item in poor condition, I just did the review, the seller immediately contacted me and sent a new one !! Thank you so much !!
Great heat exchanger for beer brewing.
Works great for chilling wort. Doesn't seem difficult to clean by counter-flowing sanitizer. Two batches in but so far so good. I put stainless cam-lock fittings on it for the beer-side and garden hose fittings for the water which avoids swapping the beer and water sides.
Gaston Romano Gaston Romano
Works fine
You can cold 60L with a 1/2hp pump 25 celcius water in 15 minutes
Michael Voigt Michael Voigt
Cools wort, doesn_ leak, seems legit.
I use this as a wort chiller. When I switched from an 8 gallon kettle to a keggle, my copper coil was physically too small to use and still have the connections outside of the kettle. After I had a hose blow off my coil and get tap water in my nearly chilled wort, I decided to find a better way.The nice thing about a plate chiller is that it is so small that you don_ need to handle or store it. I have mine clipped right next to my kettle, and all I have to do when I want to use it is hook up my hoses. I_ going to exbeeriment with using it during my eBIAB mash to heat sparge water to mash temps.As far as cleaning goes, I_e found that it really helps to alternate back and forward flushing hot PBW through it until it runs clear, then repeat with water. Time will tell how clean it stays.As far as performance, it gets my 5 gallon batch of wort from boiling, down to pitching temps in about 30 minutes on tap water. I was hoping for faster cooling than that, but I_ going to tweak my technique a little and see if I can avoid recirculating it back into my kettle. If I set it up right, it should come out at pitching temperature. That should shave some time off my brew day.
Roberto Roberto
3/4 inch MNPT 40 pcs
Strumento utilissimo
Lo uso per l abbattimento della temperatura del malto dopo la cotta, per la produzione della birra. Fa quello che mi aspettavo per cui benissimo.
stephen michalski stephen michalski
Great little hx
So far it has been working out for me. Build quality is good and it woorks for my purpose. An in and out diagram would have been nice but i figured it out pretty easily on the website. Overall I am happy with the plate exchanger. I would go back to them agian if i need another one.
Hubert Hubert
3/4 inch MNPT 30 pcs
Top Qualit?t
Gutes Preis-Leistungsverh?ltnis. Der Verk?ufer k_mert sich um seine Kunden.

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