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Buck Rogers Buck Rogers
360 x 180 x 205 cm Yellow
Surprisingly good, better than anticipated
It sounds a bit 'rude' to say 'surprisingly good' as if my expectations were very low (which they weren't). But I expected something decent, usable, but most definitely not great, because honestly ice-fishing shelters can be very expensive and this one was not. So I expected it to be oxford cloth, a bit light weight, I expected the frame to have fibreglass ribs, but to have breakable plastic joints, etc. Just corners cut, costs cut. But no, it really surprised me, pleasantly. It's some sort of oxford cloth but it's backed not with some light silicone, but some heavy black pvc, thick, completely waterproof and light proof. You could use this as a dark room if you close all the windows and doors. The joints where the sprung fibreglass ribs all connect were black, I figured they were indeed plastic and might be the failure point. But on closer inspection I found they were metal. I think they're black painted cast steel/iron, not aluminium, but they're not going to crack, let's put it like that. The pull out straps attach to fixings that go right through those metal joint sections, so they're not flimsy, stitched on bits, they aren't going to fail either. It's really pretty robust. The windows also are good quality, not flimsy, and they velcro out. First time pitching was under ten minutes, just me. I figure it can certainly be done more quickly with a bit of practice, or with two people. Now, if you put this up in summer you're going to sweat like hell, because of the plastic coating on the inside of the fabric, but you can leave both corner doors and all the windows open. It is, after all, an ice fishing tent, designed to be used in sub freezing conditions (though they seem quite widely used by emergency services as incident rooms). If you want a large ice fishing tent this is a very good value option. But if you want a 'pop up' room that is not flimsy like pop up festival tents, that is very roomy and decently waterproofed, if you want something that you can really 'black out' when you're inside, this is a good option. It's a weird thing to consider as a tent, because you will look like a police incident room, but heck, it also looks like a 'hab' from a space sci fi, it's got a sort of coolness about it. You just need to add some 'biohazard' and 'nuclear' signs and you've converted it into a real eye turner. Okay, I know, that's a bit weird. What would I improve or add? I think I'll attach a quality guy lines to all the pull out points, with those on it's going to be pretty stable. I also think that I will make up velcro edged mosquito nets to go in the windows. The windows fit in like that you see, so mozzie nets could as well. Not difficult. Sure, you won't want those in freezing conditions, but if you you want to use it in non freezing times then to have a bit of a breeze and light without getting bugs would be neat. Seriously, this is good quality, ticks all the boxes. No need to add a photo, there's plenty on the site
Bart Wauters Bart Wauters
228 x 228 x 203 cm Red
this tents are completely not good quality!
We set up 1 tent (we ordered 3) and the rain came inside true the windows. Also the zippers are totally not able to close. Then a wind came by and the tent was total damaged so we need to put him in the garbage. Also has the tent no undergound, so the wind go's under it.
Vevor Pop-up 3-person Ice Shelter Fishing Tent Shanty W/ Bag Inside Window
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Janek Lerch Janek Lerch
228 x 228 x 203 cm Red
Super Teil......leider beschädigt beim Transport
Super einfach aufzubauen und wieder zusammen......kinderleicht wenn's rankommen würde.......stabil und gute Verarbeitung.....leider schmutzig aus der Verpackung genommen.....und ein kleines Loch im Himmel....durch den Transport vermute ich......aber allemal 5 Sterne für Preis und Anwendung ....super Produkt wo sich einer Mal was bei gedacht hat besonders die Höhe .....habe lange nach sowas gesucht .... schön wäre auch eine andere Farbe kann nicht alles haben
Lars Pettersson Lars Pettersson
360 x 180 x 205 cm Yellow
Lätt att slå upp och ta ner.
Tältet går snabbt att sätta upp och ta ner, provade en gång hemma i vardagsrummet innan jag åkte ut och testa på isen. Du sätter upp tältet på under en min om du inte ska skruva i tältspiken isen. Det finns två fönster som sitter med kardborre som är lätta att sätta dit och ta bort, det sitter även ett ventilationshål i taket. Två dörrar med dragkedja, kan var lite bökigt att komma in och ur tältet när är vinterkläd. Inga problem att rymmas två personer i tältet. Är man två i tältet blir det behagligt, sitter man själv blir det lite kallare. Ända minus är dragkedjan på påsen som tältet kommer i, den ”paja” redan första gången jag stängde den. Dragkedjorna i dörrarna verkar bättre. Hel nöjd med tältet överlag, det förhöjer verkligen upplevelsen ute på isen. Jag köpte tältet för 1299kr.
Vevor Pop-up 3-person Ice Shelter Fishing Tent Shanty W/ Bag Inside Window Vevor Pop-up 3-person Ice Shelter Fishing Tent Shanty W/ Bag Inside Window Vevor Pop-up 3-person Ice Shelter Fishing Tent Shanty W/ Bag Inside Window
Frode Furås Frode Furås
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