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Junior S. Junior S.
The dolly is not water proof! If it was it would be just about perfect
The dolly moves my 19 ft Ranger bass boat very well! I had a extra electric plug so I just unplug the trolling motor and plug up the dolly. It work out very well!
13MM 13MM
Easy to use
As expected and advertised. Powerful although a little noisy. Easy to use. Be sure to use heavy duty wiring. I needed to purchase 2 bolts for the mount. The ones provided were a little long for my trailer.
Bill Bill
Well built, powerful, and it makes life easier.
My 13 ft travel was parked in my back yard in grass in a hole so I wasn't expecting this mover to do much good. I hooked it up and hit the forward button and it slowly dug a hole while going nowhere fast. Rather than give up I jacked the trailer back up and slid a 6 ft long 2 x 6 under the mover, set it back down and hit the forward button and away we went. (for six feet anyway). I used a couple of 2 x 6 planks under the wheel, moving each plank in front of the other while moving 6 feet each time to pull that trailer across my backyard in soft grass until I could get it to the side of the house to hook up to my pickup. Long story short. This thing works and it has PLENTY of power for moving my 13 ft travel trailer even when it had to be pulled up a slight incline as it was sitting down in a hole. The tongue of my trailer is heavy which helped it get traction on the 2 x 6 boards. The single bolt mounting system is in need of a redesign, which I intend to fix. It doesn't support the dolly as it should, but the mover itself made my day a heck of a lot easier getting that trailer out of my back yard. I recommend this product and it's well worth the selling price.
CoCo Loco CoCo Loco
Overall it meets my needs and was easy to install
Overall it meets my needs and was easy to install. However, I used U-Bolts and backing plates to secure it to my trailer as opposed to drilling holes in the trailer frame which made it much easier. The pressure plate that holds the assembly to the mounting bracket though is a bit wobbly even when fully tightened. I used a lock washer to provide a bit of stand off for the pressure plate bolt as it bottomed out against the pressure plate before being tight enough. So my rating is based upon the pressure plate assembly being somewhat poorly designed. Otherwise, it works as advertised.
Ron Ron
I can now safely attatch boat to pick up truck without help!
I like how easy it is to move my boat around. I have a very small garage so I am forced to push the boat around by hand to put it in diagonally. A few years ago I got sick making it very difficult to complete this task, without help. Yesterday I used my new Happybuy Trailer Mover for the first time. Wow, it was easy to maneuver boat around, I now cand take my eight year old grandson out fishing, without fear of not being able to safely attach boat to truck and back into garage. I_ going to fabricate a slide tube with locking pin to allow ease of sliding on and off the trailer.
Vevor Customer Vevor Customer
I bought two allen head bolts and they both tighten like they should The bolts to mount the unit ...
One bolt for the frame mount (front) touches the curved bracket and can not be tightened flat against the mounting bracket. Another bolt attaches the unit to the trailer. Same thing. I can't tighten it enough to hold. The edges of the bolt head rub the bracket and can't be tightened. I bought two allen head bolts and they both tighten like they should The bolts to mount the unit to the frame were to long. My frame is 2X4. I bought two new bolts. I tried another brand and your unit is the best. It's a keeper. It was worth the trouble to use it. Thanks for a good product. Mike
Work as I hoped it would
I used it for the first time and it did the job moving our 2100lb Jayco Aframe camper to it's winter spot. It is a noisy little sucker but who cares, it made tight turns and got the job done. I would definitely adhere to the max 5% grade though as you can here it strain on small inclines.
Jan Cheney Jan Cheney
Would not fit on our camper. Not returnable. But company refunded 55%.
Jean-pierre Le Clair Jean-pierre Le Clair
Works as advertised
It moves my 3400# camp trailer almost effortlessly, up hill.. Parking up top at our house is pretty tight but this allows me to accurately move and postion the trailer with ease.Only negative is the the mount to the trailer tongue can't be tightened enough to keep the unit from walking as you try to steer it.
Bob Bob
works as indicated
I am using it to move around my 3,500 boat+trailer. It is able to pull it up a 2% incline on a paver-stone driveway (slightly rough surface). Once it transitioned to smooth tile, still pulling up 2%, it lost some traction, so i had to assist it slightly. Once on level (maybe 1% up) smooth tile it works fine. I am powering it with a battery charger. I would give it 5 stars except that it twists somewhat alarmingly backwards and forwards within the mounting mechanism, but that doesn't seem to affect its operation. I wish the operator pole went straight forward; its clearly intended to fit on the starboard side of the trailer, but my spare tire is there. I was able to change the pole to swing out to the port side, but the control switch is then facing the ground. Not a big deal. Overall I am quite happy, it does the job at a good price.

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