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Victor Victor
Good product
Good produc from good material. Easy installation, manual included. Fast shipping with tracking. Thanks
Mr. Niall Douglas Mr. Niall Douglas
Not quite as described, but probably doesn't matter for most people
The item description says that the two blue sockets are Schuko three pin ones the ones safe to leave out connected in the rain - the photos clearly show the same.What I received looks identical from the outside, but under the two blue plug covers are domestic UK 3 pin sockets! It looks to be IP57 watertight etc so it probably doesn't matter so long as you don't use the socket when it's raining.I've bought a bigger version of this same Vevor unit before, it had three of the blue sockets, and all three were the as described rain-safe Schuko sockets. So I don't know why this specific unit chose domestic UK 3 pin sockets.As it happens, for where this specific box will be installed and used, I won't be connecting to the single phase sockets except when using power tools and other things you wouldn't use in the rain. So I won't be returning it. The three phase socket is correctly a 16a Schuko, it's going to connect an outdoor soil oven in my case, so that's perfect.
Mr. Niall Douglas Mr. Niall Douglas
Not dangerously wired like other reviews mention
I ordered the 1 x 16 A+1 x 32 A, Schuko 3-303 model and was a little apprehensive that it might be wired dangerously, as other reviews report their models were so. It took three months to get dispatched due to I assume supply chain issues in China, so I opened it up today and examined the internals.I have to say it all looks fine to me. Each single phase socket comes off one phase from the three phase input. Each single phase socket has its own RCD on its live wire. The two three phase sockets each have their own RCD. The wiring internally is neat and well done, with appropriately thick wires for the maximum currents for each section. The RCDs look fine quality, with the three phase plugs having proper three phase RCDs. There is a waterproof nipple supplied for the three phase mains inlet wire. The internal busbars are solid, and have extra slots in case you want to extend the wiring. Very nice.Build is solid and very likely true IP65, except for the outer sockets. They're annoyingly cheap, which is a shame because the rest of the box is not. The outer sockets are quite flimsy, particularly their spring covers. I doubt that they would last long with repeated use on say a building site. Equally they are replaceable, they can be unscrewed and easily replaced if their covers break, and the seal around them is watertight.Given that in the past I've thought a flimsy thing would break with use, and then it went on to never ever break despite years of hard use, I'm giving this the benefit of the doubt. I've yet to deploy it, but for the price I paid (it was well below current prices, I paid £80), given the evident quality apart from the outer socket covers, and given it has been designed to be maintained and/or customised by the average user over the long term, I'd highly recommend this box if you need such a thing (e.g. EV charging, soil sterilisation ovens etc)

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