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Ray Ray
Dental Surgeon
I have purchased this product to replace the old eco water distiller and I am really surprised bout the quality, Performance and the price of this product. I would highly recommend this water purifier to any consumer.
Anisah Aziz Anisah Aziz
Creates safe, clean and purified water.
Needed a product to create clean and purified water so I bought this. This product creates fresh water, pure water and I can definitely see the difference compared to normal tap water. It is very easy to use, is fast in the purification process and has a good ergonomic design. I believe that the price of the product is justified, if not then actually saving me money as I do not ever need to buy bottled water. I now lead a healthy lifestyle with clean water which I can trust, so this product is totally worth the price. I have also received very nice and friendly customer service from Vevor. I definitely recommend this product!
Basel Basel
It is a very good water distiller, easy to use, and simple to install, it comes with everything, the carbon filters and the citric acid for cleaning for free, highly recommended.
Donald Bell Donald Bell
Easy to Use & Sturdy Piece of Equipment
Overall, I like the product. The construction feels sturdy and I think the product will last me years.
Heidi Heidi
Great for price
High quality build compared to my old distiller. I've only had it one month but it's working perfectly so far. The fan runs quieter/gentler than my old distiller. The price is extremely good. I have noticed as I use it in my cellar that there's a slight build up of sticky dust around the fan area that I'll need to clean every so often, so this may be annoying for others with cleaning the plastic, and perhaps another model is better.
Szabó Szabó
I am very happy, the machine is good. It works perfectly. They gave a good description in the vevor webshop and the delivery was also fast.
Claire B Claire B
I'm delighted with this water distiller. It is so easy and economical to use. It was amazing value and makes the purest water. It makes it so easy to always have distilled water to hand.
Sean Sean
Best Supplier
This product is great, shipped and delivered in less than 7 Days. As a dental a clinic we need 30l of distilled water per week and the Vevor machine is the most cost effective way of getting it. So go we have ordered more.
Teo Teo
Great product
I have used this product for a month now, the product arrived on time, and it is good to me so far. I have no issues with anything, and the instructions were straightforward.
Martin coakley Martin coakley
Good distiller no problems with it if you put hot water in first it will work faster takes about 2 hours to distill the water

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