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Jörgen Elisson Jörgen Elisson
Feels like good quality and good images. Love that it is 3 cameras to switch between to see all the angels.
Emil Olsson Emil Olsson
Mkt prisvärd, rekommenderas
Bra och användbara funktioner, bra bild, att man får med ett minneskort är jättebra, då minneskort även kostar en del, vet inte riktigt hållbarhet det får tiden utvisa, känns trots allt som bra kvalitet, letar du efter en endoskop kamera så tror jag inte du hittar någon liknande med samma kvalitet/pris, rekommenderas varmt.
Gary Gary
Great product at a great price very handy to have in your tool kit at home or work.Can easily recommend this camera to anyone and for the money it's great value
Richard Richard
Have been trying this now some time and it is easy to use, good picture, can take picture and store and are good sice on it. I will recomand this, i purcased this for privat use but i have used it most at my work as a car mechanic. Only negativ is that there are no bag with it to store it in.
HB gary HB gary
Excellent product. Clarity of recorded image is high quality. The ability to view independent images when checking engine in-cylinder issues is very advantageous.
Edd Edd
I recently purchased the VEVOR Triple Lens Endoscope Camera, and I'm thoroughly impressed with its quality and versatility. The 4.5" IPS screen provides clear and detailed images, and the adjustable LED lights are a game-changer. The triple lens system makes it easy to access and inspect hard-to-reach areas. Overall, I highly recommend this product to anyone who needs a reliable and high-quality inspection camera

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