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Constance L Johnson Constance L Johnson
Five Stars
It fits my needs perfectly.
Vevor Customer Vevor Customer
Easy to install
2 minutes to install. Nice Dolly
Donavan Pelletier Donavan Pelletier
It like the description said
It like the description said
Link Lin Link Lin
Good stuff
This one is good.A bit struggling how it works due to a lot of shims . By taking 4 out from each side, it can hold the rail
chuck mayne chuck mayne
Must for a shop
The best thing for a small shop
Holger Korinth Holger Korinth
Sehr stabil gebaut , bin angenehm _errascht!
Jasen Colstion Jasen Colstion
Updated 11/26/16 For Customer Service Review
After posting the previous 2 star review I was contacted by the customer service department. They asked me what they could do to make it correct. We corresponded and settled on proper compensation. They were very easy to work with and did what they said they would do. As of 11/26/18 I am updating the review to reflect the excellent customer service I received. Thank you for the quick and proper response.Next is the original review - Ordered 4 of these for a client. When they showed up, an entire wheel had fallen off. Upon closer inspection I discovered the bearings were damaged. Upon closer inspection of the other 3 I found that the wheel bearings were of different types and all had been damaged or had debris such as grit or rust with absolutely no grease in any of the 16 total wheels. Next issue is the rusted grade 5 bolts that hold the trolley side on the main pin. The shear strength of a grade 5 10mm bolt is approximately 7952 LBS. Per code all lifting equipment should have a 5/1 design factor. That means if it_ a 6000 LBS trolley it should be able to handle 5x the rated amount (30,000 LBS.) Though admittedly the shear force on that bolt is likely to be less than the total of the bolts total shear strength it should in my opinion be better than a grade 5 10mm bolt and certainly not rusted or damaged.I give it 2 stars because the paint was new and I didn_ find any issues with the welds.
A Guy A Guy
Great for the weekend warrior in their garage
Ok, I bought one as I purchased a chain fall at a auction (1 1/2 ton) and needed to hang it off the beam. It was adjustable for fit and made of substantial material. This set up will outlast me.Great purchase for the money.
T Smitty T Smitty
Easy to install
This is a product that works as stated.EZ to install, and is very smooth to operate. I encourage your purchase if this is what you are looking for.
Albert Wendel Dietz Albert Wendel Dietz
works right
did the job right

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