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Saguara Compton Saguara Compton
Inner peace while playing.
It was a gift!! My nephew loved it.
mitch mitch
arrivato in anticipo...suono meraviglioso
chubacca chubacca
Lovely sound
This instrument is so easy to play and gives a lovely sound.
Mindaugas Mandeika Mindaugas Mandeika
Balance the sound
Sounds is amazing, I needed to balance it but it's definitely worth it!
Josephine Josephine
Great for meditating with
I have perfect pitch so pitch is quarter tone from western A440. So no point in trying to tune it, accept that it is in tune with itself. That said, it makes a lovely sound. The booklet of tunes must be Eastern/oriental in origin as they don't do it for me except Happy Birthday. I have cut out some stave notes and stuck them on it so I can play by ear. Goes from a low G to G above middle C. White notes only. You can lose yourself in it just letting it sound...
LinzeV13 LinzeV13
Sounds beautiful.
Lovely instrument. Packaged nicely. Sounds beautiful. However, the music book isn't much help for a beginner like myself.Would be helpful to have some info in there of how to read the music pages for the not so simple songs where you hit one note at a time. I suppose this can be learnt somewhere else but would have been nice to include I think.Still a lovely little purchase however.
gina gina
A new experience
It_ very new but it_ fascinating. The book that comes with it seems pretty useless but you can make your own music. The instructions for tuning are not very clear but I am looking forward to having great fun with this.
Kimberly Kimberly
Very pleased
Beautiful sound.Love to just vibe out and play.We are getting one a bit smaller for our 5 year old.
Carole Mayhall Carole Mayhall
Buy it you will love it and it_ a beautiful piece just to look at
It_ lovely! You can make music with ant notes.
Vevor Customer Vevor Customer
Slow shipping, but great product.
This would make a great gift for any beginner.Tones are actually excellent (surprised me).If out of tune, there are instructions on how to retune it.If you are hunting for a small xylophone or just interested in music....this is a deal.However, one word of advice, shipping is extremely slow. You will have to wait on shopping.

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