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Stierlinchen Stierlinchen
ein tolles Ding*******
Rylabs Rylabs
Great Tool, Confusing Collets
The tapping arm worked great for tapping plenty of holes into6061 aluminium, 4041 steel, and ar500 steel plates.The only problem initially is figuring out what taps actuallyfit in the included collets though. From looking at the Q/A areasupposedly ISO 529 taps work, but the ones I ordered did not, including the metric ones too.Ended up finding imperial tapping collets from ToolLots.Tap sizes that seem to work with the included collets are the 3/16-18 in the m12others seem to be too large or need a little tape to keep in place.4/5 stars since the collets weren't simple to figure out, but saved a heck of lot of time on tapping ~80 holes in AR500 with 3% larger holes than standard in roughly 1 hour vs the 3 days it took for hand taping in a drill press.
cool cool
Bonne qualit. un peu de jeu sur l'axe de rotation mais pour 500...tout fonctionne tres bien. moteur pneumatique OK. Livr avec un jeu de douille standard..ideal pour un atelier de mecanique...achat supplementaire de douilles pour M3 et M4 car le ? ne correspondait pas a mes tarauds...utilis pour du M3 debouchant..OKbon couple d'utilisation pour du M6...reste a tester les autres diametres!!!je recommande...
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