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Peter Peter
Used these for a portable bar. Work perfectly supporting the whole bar on 5 runners. I will be using more of these on future projects. Excellent value and delivered on time as normal with vevor.
Who's your dady Who's your dady
Very heavy as expected and they seem to be holding at least half of their weight at the moment. I don’t plan on testing the full weight capacity on the count of that it was struggling to hold houses the weight so I’ll give it four stars.
Kev Kev
Vevor Heavy duty drawer slides
I had bought sets of Klug drawer slides as they were easy to install and easy to remove the drawer once installed. However, they are made of flimsy material and they were destroyed in no time. So I tried the equivalent Vevor product, which was cheaper but more difficult to install and you cannot remove the drawer once installed. The drawer slides are much more robust, quieter and have a locking device. The finished job is much better and I have confidence that they will last for a long time. The other downside is the fixing instruction leaflet is next to useless. So, in my opinion the Vevor product is superior to the Klug more expensive product. Well done and thank you.
NorthernTrucker NorthernTrucker
Beefy, almost too beefy
Building another custom overland trailer and this is the first time I’ve used 500lb slides. Just FYI these things are beefy, big and heavy. Overkill for my double slide out kitchen but at least I know they will take the weight without issue. Ordered two sets but ended up ordering 250lb slides for the second slide out. Great quality and excellent locking mechanism.
Heavy Duty Drawer Slides 500lbs Ball Bearing Drawer Slides 60inch Long With Lock
Brandon H. Brandon H.
Ball bearings can be misaligned
They work great after being set up properly, but be aware that the black plastic pieces that hold the ball bearings can be misaligned and are not easy to adjust. I thought at first that my order was wrong because this misalignment caused one side to be a full 2 inches shorter than the other when fully extended. If this happens to you just take a look at the black plastic pieces and give them a good whack to bang them into place.One other thing is that I had to buy new bolts/nuts because the ones that come with them are way too short to install on anything other than sheet metal. I just used inch and a half 1/4 20 bolts and they worked fine going through a 1 by 4.
Ciaran Ciaran
I was a bit sceptical about using Vevor as the product was a third of the price I was about to pay elsewhere. Goods arrived promptly and well packed, under the max 6 days mentioned. Quality is great, runners smooth and robust in design. Very happy with this purchase. I will buy from Vevor again!
Vevor Customer Vevor Customer
Good value
Very solid units looks like they will support the weight
Ben H. Ben H.
Seem just fine!
Seem sturdy! Happy I chose these instead of the insanely overpriced lockables others are selling.
Amy r. Amy r.
Worked perfect
Came fast and worked perfect for my needs!!
Patrick Patrick
Perfect sturdy locking sliders
22 inch sliders, very sturdy, very well-made, they lock all the way extended and they lock when they are shut. I have mine holding a fridge in an RV. The lock is easy to use, I simply place my foot on it press down a little and it releases to slide out. Excellent product highly recommended.
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