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farouq farouq
arrive at time all good condition
the only problemdon’t come with oil and no instruction how to put oil
Dinneclub Dinneclub
Good but no oil, or details for which oil included!
Its a good price and good machine but the machine did not come with any oil and no oil type listed in instructions.
Neil Scott Neil Scott
Great product although not purchased on Amazon but elsewhere, this almost can be classed as a commercial product rather than for the house with the power is produced, seals food perfectly for the fridge, sous vide or general cupboard, would even use it on wine ! This is the model you tend to see behind the butchers cabinet in the supermarket. Great releable product.
Ron K. Ron K.
Built like a tank
Delivery was very fast. The vacuum sealer is of excellent quality, built like a brick out house should last for many years of domestic use. It really is very good value for price paid. I am very happy with this product. It could easily be used in a small commercial enviroment.
David Guerra David Guerra
Solid performance, heavy machine
It’s not a good looking product ( if you are planning to keep it in your home kitchen) and quite heavy. However it does work very well, easy enough to use ( although the instructions in the box were very poor and i had to refill with vacuum pump oil as it came empty).Overall once you get familiar with it it’s a great machine.
TDA171 TDA171
The ultimate DOMESTIC vacuum sealer for food!
Firstly a correction. The sealer bar is 10 inches NOT 22 INCHES.This is important because of bag sizes are critical. You could benefit from my mistakes, and save money from day one by buying a single size bag at a fraction of the prices charged by the 'specialist' vacuum bag makers. These are available from a host of packaging companies. The cost of 1000 bags is around £40 whereas you will pay this for a couple of hundred max from the 'specialists'Any food quality bag that measures 200mm (open end) by 250 or even 300mm is the OPTIMUM size to go for.Smaller sizes than this have severe limitations when placing thicker items inside, because the opening gets smaller as you open the bag more.This size will take steaks, burgers, filets of fish and importantly (to me) a full spread container (we use old Clover containers) of either home cooked Spaghetti Bol, Stews, or anything else. A label with description and date in the bag is easily visible when the bag collapses around the contents. (not the spread container obviously) I use the container to freeze initially, and then transfer the contents into the vacuum bag.Much cheaper sealers are available but they do not compare to CHAMBER sealers. This machine is not a kitchen surface device. Think a microwave for size and weight comparison. If you have a utility, or even a table/ bench space in the garage, it is ideal. I researched and pondered for months, and i am delighted with this bit of kit!!Not in daily use, but if you want....Take away leftovers, or a full menu of home cooked food stored for up to a year or more from the freezer.....look no further.
Everything went as planned. I am now convinced that I can order more of your items. I was not sure so this was a test. But I am satisfied.
Rudi R. Rudi R.
Gutes Vakuumgerät für den Preis
Lieferung gut verpackt in 2 Tagen.⚠ Achtung unbeding Vakuumöl einfüllen.Öl war dabeiEs steht in der Beschreibung nichts von der Einfüllöffnung.Einige Vakuumierversuche mit 45 sec. Vakuum zeit 2 sec. Schweisszeit 4 sec. Pause . Funktionieren bei den dicken Rillen Beuteln die ich noch habe sehr gut. Bei normalen Gefrierbeutel versuchte ich 1 sec. Geht auch. wiederverschliessen von z.B. Käse 1,8 sec. geht auch sehr gut. bis jetzt klare Kaufempfehlung.
horst horst
sehr gutes preis leistungsverhältniss
tolles gerät lieferung passte auch exaktbeschreibung ist etwas dürftig aber man kann sich tipps im internetoder auf you tube holen vacumieröl muss man leider extra bestellenich habe das gerät schon einige male benutzt es funktioniert einwandfreidie geräuschentwicklung ist im vergleich zu manchen balkenvacumiererauch in ordnung ich würde dieses gerät sofort wieder kaufen
Hobby Metzger Hobby Metzger
Gute Verpackung schneller Versand.
Gerät geht gut. Verschweißt und vakuumiert gut.Kann dadurch das Fleisch gut und lange haltbar machen. Und auch Vakuum pöckeln

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