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The Nicos The Nicos
Love these stands
I have been looking at these stands for 2 months now. I am making centerpieces for my daughters bridal shower.I am so happy with my purchase!! As you can see I started to make the centerpieces.These have to be put together with a little patience which is normal when you have to insert 4 poles at the same time. Took me 15 minutes to complete all.I will be adhering a tad of glue to hold the stand together. So many options to decorate and use these stands. A perfect size for table centerpieces
Pepidu Pepidu
Preis-leistung top
Sind etwas leicht und ich hatte Gold bestellt aber Preis-leistung top
Liurka Liurka
Great look not to heavy
They look super nice but they are light. I bought it for my wedding and ended up removing them because of the wind. I wish it was a little heavier. To hold the flower arrangement
Nickella Kha Nickella Kha
Great product
The product matched the description. It arrived faster than expected and it was well packaged.
S. A. Wynn S. A. Wynn
Not all of them are easy to assemble because they are bent slightly. Still able to use and a great price.
Vevor Customer Vevor Customer
A lot of work to put together, but worth it!!!
5 stars! They were really beautiful once I put it all together. Down side was that it was a little hard putting them together. They was not as easy to put together as I thought it would be. Some pieces didn_ fit and My husband had to open some of the openings with his tools in order for each piece to fit in a slot. But it_ worth the money! Very affordable for the quantity that_ given.
Felicia Felicia
Great choice for wedding decor
I bought this for my wedding. This will take me a bit of time to put together, but I assembled one and it wasn_ very hard and felt sturdy, and it looks like all the parts are here. This was a good purchase, despite the very strange packaging.
Paj Studio Paj Studio
Nice gold color
Easy to assemble, but a couple pieces were flawed and didn_ line up properly.
Kd Kd
Great product with the right expectations.
Your browser does not support HTML5 video. If your expectations are correct, these are great!ARRIVAL:Delivered a day sooner than expected, boxed up and individually wrapped in some plastic, which helps with noise, and to avoid scratching.All 44 rods are packaged two to a bag, and each square base has it's own. There are no instructions, but there really don't need to be--it is completely self-explanatory.ASSEMBLY:Be prepared with some standard needle-nose pliers. The reviews talking about how these don't fit together are soooort of true. When they cut the thinnish metal, it's natural that it would cause a little bit of bowing on the sides. You will need to use a pair of pliers to straighten them out.Once you've done that, you're good to go and they work like a charm. It actually helps that the fittings aren't overly large because the tension keeps them from rattling and it also keeps them nice and sturdy.I'm pretty crafty and handy so things like this don't bother me. Working alone, I personally straightened out the ends of 4 rods at a time and then put it fully together with it's two bases before moving on to the next one and it took me a little more than an hour to assemble all 11.ASSEMBLED PRODUCT:They are very sturdy once they're set up. I said this above, but the fact that they're nice and snug and a little hard to get in place has the benefit of making them feel quite solid. You can see in my video that I can pick them up from one end and they stay totally together, the pieces aren't slipping out of place.These are definitely something you'd want to put together before hand. They're not really meant to be put together and taken apart super easily, so give yourself time to get them put together.CONCLUSIONOverall, you'd be paying upwards of $30 each for something like this anywhere else, and these really are very nice and sturdy. It's a great deal, even with the cost of the elbow grease, just as long as you know what you're getting. Enjoy!
Ely Ely
Un poco desalineado si y eso te dar dolor de cabeza al momento de ensamblar pero muy buen material.
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