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D Owen D Owen
Great vice for the money. As someone else said they need a bit of cleaning up with some emery on the Sharp rough edges but can't complain at this price. I've put a dial indicator over it and it's more than accurate enough for me. Also zero lift on the movable jaw while clamping.
Schwitter Schwitter
Zufrieden gutes Teil hält Teile gut
Chandra Chandra
Gute Konstruktion und Ausf_rung
Wie es sich f_ einen Schraubstock der 6"- Klasse geh?rt, kann man ihn mit einer Hand nicht mehr tragen. Die Backenbreite betr?gt 160mm und die beiden Backen haben auch einen maximalen Abstand von 160mm. Die Spindel ist zwar recht einfach ausgef_rt, die Mutter aber sehr lang, ich denke das passt. Die Genauigkeit ist absolut ok, ich habe die Parallelit?t mit 0.005mm und die Rechtwinkligkeit der Backen mit 0.003 gemessen, wobei da allerdings auch die Messgenauigkeit meines Equipments erreicht ist. Unter Spannung macht die bewegliche Backe zwar etwas auf, aber das ist zu wenig um bem?ngelt werden zu k?nnen. Wenn man Material auf Parallelleisten spannt, kann man mit nur 1-2 Schl?gen die Leisten zum Blockieren bringen, auch das spricht f_ den Schraubstock. Der Guss ist ok, die Verarbeitung auch, lediglich die Auflage der beweglichen Backe wurde bei meinem Schraubstock nur recht grob geschliffen, im Gegensatz zu allen anderen Fl?chen. Ich habe noch nicht viel damit gefr?st, aber der erste Eindruck ist sehr positiv. Ich habe ihn nicht hier sondern in der Bucht gekauft, der Preis war um die H?lfte geringer als der hier gefragte. Ob die hier angebotenen daf_ doppelt so gut sind? ;-)
damien damien
tr_ bon rapport qualit prix
tr_ bon rapport qualit prix
CRM114 CRM114
Nice heavy vice for drill press.
Great little vice, bought this for an xy table I added to my drill press. If you do this keep in mind this does not come with a clamping kit you will need to buy your own depending on the t slot size on your table.
Steven E. Steven E.
Good value
Well made good finish
Khan Khan
Surprisingly well done.
I may edit this the more I tram this vise, but its surprisingly well done. Only thing that wasn't to my liking is it has keys for Bridgeport size T-slots and NOT for the smaller 1/2 T slots on my G0704.I could have also used some vise mounting cleats/clamps for the side rails. Overall would buy again.
Matthew Grigg Matthew Grigg
Big and Tough
I got this vise after having a bad experience with a KURT style chinese knockoff that cracked at the back of the casting.... So i decided when i get this one, i wasn't going to be gentle in testing to make sure it does what a vise does. Hold stuffBoy, does it do that, i reefed on it hard enough to indent 1" 1045 steel and it didn't care. The screw didn't bind up and backed off fairly easily to loosen the monstrous grip.My biggest gripe is that my milling machine has smaller t-slots and this only has hardware for a bridgeport style t-slots and i need a bit smaller. I fixed the vise to the table using Toe Clamps which seem to work out fine and for that i wish it had a full length 3 hole fixture to fix it to the table snuggly (i'll just build one).What i really like so far is that the casting is smooth and ground all the way around, so it would be REALLY hard for them to hide things like casting voids with automotive body filler.The ways the jaw slides on seem a bit soft, but the jaws are incredibly hard. Overall, it is a good product and if you need a vise that is acceptably accurate, but incredibly tough - this thing won't treat you wrong
Bryan Bryan
Is bigger better???
Got the 6 incher... when it arrived, at first, thought it was too big for my Rockwell mill.. but after working with it.. I wouldn_ trade it for another.. nice and heavy.. when something is clamped, you know it_ rock solid!!
Richard F. Richard F.
Very nice mill vise . I machined a key slot on the side so as to stand it up on its side and the cast iron that it it is made of seems to be a high grade cast iron
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