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Vevor Air Diesel Heater 12v 8kw For Car Trucks Motor-home Boat Bus Can

Vevor Air Diesel Heater 12v 8kw For Car Trucks Motor-home Boat Bus Can

Single Tuyere LCD Switch (Orange & Blue)

Customer Reviews

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Jaroslav Jandura Jaroslav Jandura
Super product, fast delivery, I recommend everyone to buy here, everything without problems.........
Fraz Fraz
Single Tuyere Black LCD Switch 8 kW
Brilliant little heater
After fitting one for a customer in his motorhome and being impressed I purchased this unit for heating my garage at home. A few modifications later and its brilliant ... cannot recommend them highly enough.
Nagy Zsolt Nagy Zsolt
Köszönöm a VEVOR csapatnak ! A termék egy héten belül megérkezett! Nagyon gyors kiszállítás! Az állófútés nagyon jól működik! Én a garázs-műhely fűtéséhez vettem, és kiegészítettem egy 12V 10A tápegységgel. Fogyasztása kicsi, hét nap alatt napi nyolc óra használat melett hét liter dieselt fogyasztott. A kinti hőmérséklet: 2-10 celzius, a belső hőmérséklet 22-24 celzius. Én a kipufogó hőjét is hasznosítottam, egy hosszú alumínium csövön vezettem ki, hogy azt a hőt is bent adja le. A csőből kiáramló levegő igy csak kéz langyos! Hasznos berendezés, remélem hosszú ideig fog működni, és kidolgozza az árát! A következő projekt egy 17KW vizes állófűtés, melynek a vizes, és kipufogó oldalán is hőcserélő lesz, és bekötöm a ház kazánjának vízkörébe. :-)
Jose Carvalho Jose Carvalho
Single Tuyere Black LCD Switch
Surprise performance
I was a bit unsure about this purchase not having any experience with this sort of equipment. The installation took me several days due to the custom work I did to conceal everything but I am pleased with the outcome and the performance of the heater. My install was into a campervan but I would recommend this equipment for any application needing auxiliary heat.
Russel J Cook Russel J Cook
Great Heater.... vague Manual!
Purchased as a primary heat-source for my garden office and once set up, is a really effective and simple device.Pairing the remote is a bit tricky if you try and follow the manual (page 28 for this model's LCD screen). Once you establish that the buttons on the remote are not correctly labelled and understand how to set the heater to the "Start-Up" mode (which is effectively a Settings" menu), it's a much easier operation.I now have a fully functioning heater, working remote and at a fantastic (offer) price!Note - if you use Fibre Glass Exhaust Wrap on the exhaust, make sure you do it outdoors as the material can smoke quite a lot for the first 20 mins or so. This is normal but not great when in an enclosed space!
Sammy Sammy
Same in picture, thin metal case, small diesel tank. Remote working good. Cheap Chinese heater, NOT 8kW, take 4,8dl/h = max power 5kW. Real Power is max. 5kW !!!!
Lynette Galbraith Lynette Galbraith
8kw heater
Great heater bought it for a 35ft mobile home which I use to make wedding cakes in and it’s great there is no condensation like the is with gas and it heats all of it up if I have the cooker on I have to turn the heater off and it’s just a click of the remote handset it really keeps everything warm and dry very economical as we easy to fit I have it inside and not to noisy
Graham Sturgeon Graham Sturgeon
Love this heater. Remote control was tricky to set up, but a YouTube video sorted it. Puts out a lot of heat and seems good quality and is efficient.
Christopher D. Christopher D.
Single Tuyere Black LCD Switch
Great product quality
Extension Angels Extension Angels
Single Tuyere LCD Switch (Black & White) 8 kW
Control panel faulty
This is my second heaterThe one purchased from this seller is faulty has a faulty control panel clicks constantly and will not work with a new purchased panel .. do not buy as this is faulty

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