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jean-pierre desjardins jean-pierre desjardins
Excellente performance pour le prix.
Excellent mig. Je soude avec fil plein 0.35 et les performances de cette machine sont sup_ieures comparativement au mig pak 180 de Lincoln, malgr que ce dernier est 2 fois le prix. J'ai soud l'_ectrode 7018 - 1/8 et 5/32 , et la performance est exellente.Ses d_auts sont : le cable du ground d_initivement trop court , mais facilement remplaable .La poign_ tig affreuse et la connexion du tig au gaz laborieux. Pr_oyez quelques " fittings " pour connecter le tig avec l'argon.J'ai _ soudeur professionnel , qualifi en structure, et cette machine est un excellent rapport qualit-prix pour ceux qui l'utilisent comme hobby ou fabrication artisanale. Si ses d_auts - poign_ et tuyau Tig , ainsi que la longueur du cable ground seraient corrig_, cette machine m_iterait un 5 *.
JBeck JBeck
Welder is NICE!
What can I say a 3 in 1 welder saves so much money, an Arc, TIG and MIG separately cost more than I can afford but thanks to this I have all three. I really only used the MIG so far, the wire speed is smooth and finding the right settings for the job is easy. It also easily takes the 10 pound spools saving on time and waste. Not as heavy as other welders with the same amperage which is surprising I thought it would weigh more. I would recommend this machine to anyone looking for something in this power range, this is by far the best portable welder I have used.
Jaxon's Mom Jaxon's Mom
Great for the Money
I am a Hobby welder not a pro I currently run a Lincoln 250 water cooled tig machine and have used Miller mig machines before. I was looking for a decent mobile gas mig welder for a good price. I chose this model because it had wire speed adjustment and voltage. most models had a simple one knob adjusts all. I can put down a decent weld on 3/4"thk material with decent penetration. I even tried the stick welding feature and it was very smooth and could handle 3/4"thk material with 3/32 rod. I am happy with the power of this machine. also you can use 110 or 220 that's makes it even more versatile. it will accept a spool of wire up to ~8" dia with ~2"hole. I wasn't sure what size spools this would handle not much info on that. (see the photo) i purchased a spool from lowes works great. also the rollers can be flipped one side 1mm(.035) and other is .8mm(.030) I haven't run 1mm not sure if the gun runs it the gun is decent quality. visually looks similar to competitor welders maybe made by the same manufacture I am not sure where to get new tips for the gun anyways I was a little hesitant to buy a low cost welder from a manufacture i never heard of. but i am glad i did so far. don't forget you need to buy a regulator and a tank if you want to do tig or gas mig. adds another ~$200 depending on size.
S. G. S. G.
Arrived with all accessories, 6-50r 220V plug and no 110V
Arrived with all accessories - MIG, TIG, stick cables, mask, hammer. MIG heads for 0.8mm (0.030) wire, large area for the spool. Doesn't seem to allow 110V operation (not a problem at all). For 220 volts - 6-50r plug. Looks solid and well made. Please see photos.

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