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John McRae John McRae
Excellent value for home workshop
This unit is an excellent value
Justin Gordon Justin Gordon
Good rotary table for the price
I brought this rotary table to machine the slots in the rear wheel hubs for my 2" scale traction engine, did the job well, I'm pleased I brought it
Ali Homayoonpoor Ali Homayoonpoor
High quality product for the price bracket
When you buy this type of product online you take a small gamble for quality, I was extremely surprised when I opened the box for packaging, oil protection and the quality of the product. It is accurate and all movements are smooth. Well worthed the price.
Michael Brown Michael Brown
Great value for the price!
Great value for the price. The chuck ran out about .004 when it received it. When a slight modification, it can now be indicated in.I_ happy with the accuracy and workmanship. Now let_ see how it holds up. Great for a garage shop.
this is me this is me
Perfect for making gears
Just what I needed to manufacture a couple of gears.
4maxthedog 4maxthedog
Works great
Works just fine. Would buy again.
Kerry Alter Kerry Alter
Before use plan on taking it completely apart to clean out the machining grit and deburr everything.
It seems ok for the money but all the movements were very gritty, after machining they just assembled without any cleaning or deburring then filled it with junk grease and hoped no one would notice, typical of Chinese equipment.EDIT: after deburr cleaning and better lube, it seems of good quality. Runout on the chuck is.003 acceptable but I plan to make it better. Notice the picture of backplate, almost half the surface for mating to the spindle was untouched when machining it. I raised it one star that_ being generous.
Timothy B. Rhyne Timothy B. Rhyne
Headstock Taper is not #7 B&S
This is a very nice dividing head for the money. Pretty well finished and smooth operating, very little lash in the gearing.If you were thinking to use an ER32 chuck in the headstock taper note that the taper is #2 Morse not #7B&S as stated in the specifications. That is really good news given that the ER32 chuck adapter for #2 Morse is much cheaper than the #7 B&S. They are also available with 10mm drawbar threads so you can eliminate the chance of slipping in the taper.I checked the run-out specifications and found the following: Radial run-out of the spindle nose spec 0.0006" Actual
vernon hearn vernon hearn
Works fine good quality.
D. Michael McIntyre D. Michael McIntyre
I'm pleasantly surprised!
I wasn't expecting this item to arrive for another week, and I had no idea what I was going to find on my front porch today. It came in a sturdy box with three straps. I picked it up to tote it to the shop, and was concerned to hear tink clink sounds as I walked. With some trepidation, I cut the straps, and cut open the box.The first thing I found was some meaningless generic inspection sheet. Youtube is full of videos of people checking these things out, and finding the actual errors on the actual product aren't even close to the numbers printed on the sheet. I figured this would be no exception, so I set the sheet aside and ignored it.Under the sheet was a decent quality manual. It's not terribly helpful, and I have no idea how to actually read the charts in the back. It's sort of written in English. It has some strange errors, but nothing horrible, and it's basically comprehensible. It's just not especially helpful. I figured I would go remedy that problem by digging up a copy of the real Brown & Sharpe manual, and that's when I discovered that the manual included with this product is pretty much a word for word and picture for picture copy. The pictures in the manual with this product are actually more helpful, and the charts in this manual are easier to read. So neither one of them is going to teach me much about how to use this accessory, but the Chinese manual is actually a bit better than the original on the whole.The product itself seems to be made quite well. I haven't cut any gears yet, because it arrived before my gear cutters. What I have done is play with everything. The action when cranking the chuck around is very smooth. The action of locking the direct indexing plunger into the holes in the front plate just couldn't be any better than it is. It has just enough slop to function without feeling sloppy. The action of dropping the plunger on the crank into holes on the indirect indexing side plates feels a little janky, but it's not bad. I've never used a real B&S dividing head, and I imagine it might feel slightly janky as well. That's just kind of what the mechanism is. It doesn't seem like anything is wrong with it, or that it's made poorly. The fit and finish of the little indexing arms that rotate around the plate is just impressive.The chuck feels pretty cheap, because, let's face it, it is a pretty inexpensive 3-jaw scroll chuck. I decided to take it apart and have a look. To get it off the dividing head, I locked the direct indexing plunger into one of the holes, put the chuck key into one of the holes, and tapped the key a couple of times with a dead blow hammer. It came right off. The provided thread protector collar fits perfectly, and the drive center does as well.The chuck itself is made better than I really expected. It feels like maybe it could have used deburring or polishing or something. The parts fit together a little too snugly. The leading edge of the scroll is kind of vague and hard to see when it's coming arou

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