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cecilia cecilia
50 L
Muy buen producto
Muy buen producto
Dale Durham Dale Durham
20 L
Great still for the money
Ordered this after seeing a guy on YouTube using it.Love the set up great design and works very well have used it 3 times now.Problems I had was missing one of the tri clamps contacted the company and they replied next day sent them pics of the still and the missing clamp and they gave me a refund enough to by a clamp off ebay so all is well.Couple other minor issues but over all a great still
Michael Moore Michael Moore
70 L
Updated review after several uses.Arrived almost a week before expected which was great. All noted parts included - no dents or dings!Fairly bummed about one thing. Other reviewers mentioned that, while the product description didn't note it, their boiler arrive with a drain spout. Mine DID NOT so do not take that for granted. I had intended to install an internal heating element through the drain port, but I'll have to settle for my gas stove.I am VERY happy with this still so far. This was an upgrade from my 5 gallon, and an upgrade it is. While I'm used to using a doubler, the column (football) here has been producing a solid 120p or 60% ABV on first distillation with the use of column packing. No complaints there! Last note - don't let the photos fool you. This still (18.5 gallon) is HUGE. You'll probably need a buddy to help lift it when completely full. My poor wife....PROS:-Sturdy construction-All parts included-Ugly welds in places, but zero leaks-Makes shine
50l/13gal Stainless Distiller Brewing Kit Moonshine Still Wine Boiler 50l/13gal Stainless Distiller Brewing Kit Moonshine Still Wine Boiler

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