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Michael H. Michael H.
Verarbeitung war nicht ganz so gut. Funktion aber dadurch nicht beeinträchtigt . Würde es wieder kaufen.
Mike Watt Mike Watt
Mike w
Used it to unblock 4" weaving coil drain. Did an excellent job at cutting and pulling out th seee roots that had clogged it. Well impressed especially as it saved having to dig up the old drain and making a mess in the garden
jac jac
drain cleaner
It took my husband a while to work out but did the job well and cleared the blocked kitchen waste pipe to the septic tank
Tina Tina
Sehr rubust und super zu handhaben
John Nolan John Nolan
Cuts through the crap and that’s what we need it to do
Machine arrived quickly and was packaged well. Assembly was five minutes and working on a drain in ten. The thing worked well and I only have a couple misgivings. First is the tool supplied to change heads or disconnect the sections could be better replaced by a small flat head screwdriver. The second issue was that once a section of the heavy spring gets torqued a little bit by getting into a clog, it doesn’t want to feed through the the machine and must be attached in front of the machine and fed in reverse to then put it in the pipe. It’s a simple but effective machine and good value. The added small drum for sinks and showers is a bonus I haven’t used yet, but looks like it will be good as well.
Fabuslo Fabuslo
La notice n Pas en fran?ais
Pour d_oucher la canalisation de mon lavabo
Godelieva Godelieva
Krachtig toestel.
Stevig en krachtig toestel.
sobre desatascador el_trico vevor
Lo que mas noto en falta es que no penetra hacia adelante autom_icamente, sino que hay que hacerlo manualmente.
Mahir Sari Mahir Sari
Sehr stark
Die Maschine wurde vor kurzem bestellt. Sie ist ?u?erst einfach zu handhaben und funktioniert auch einwandfrei. Der Motor ist sehr stark. Anfangs war ich skeptisch, doch jetzt ist das Geschichte.F_ den h?uslichen und gewerblichen Bereich zu nutzen.
Eva-Maria  Michael Sievers Eva-Maria Michael Sievers
Super Teil
Super Teil - hilft sehr gut und funktioniert wie beim Profi

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