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electrolite electrolite
Compact easy to use
Just what I wanted works as indicated on listing changed plug to UK type as it is supplied with EU type, comes with spare fuses and instructions just thing to be aware of it will deliver voltage above standard UK supply, as I only need for lower voltages up to 30 Volts no problem, their is a voltage meter but no accurate on lower range, so I will use a multi meter to check.
500VA Variable Transformer 220V
This product is perfect, I bought it for bringing restored valve radio's up to voltage and it does the job with ease and safety, had for a while now and would not be without it. Very good value and delivery was within the time frame.
G. Remrow G. Remrow
Funktioniert ohne Mucken
Ich habe etwas dagegen, abgesch?pft zu werden, all zu viel Geld habe ich auch nicht _rig und das wenige, das ich _rig habe, sollte so sinnvoll wie m?glich eingesetzt werden. So entschied ich mich f_ diesen Stelltrafo, mit dem man 0-300 Volt stufenlos abgesichert regeln kann und der nur ein Drittel dessen kostet was ein angebliches deutsches (wer weiss) Qualit?tsprodukt kosten soll, das dazu noch ohne Geh?use war.
Tania Tania
Value for money
Good product arrived in good time very please overall
J. M. Sheehan J. M. Sheehan
Great value and accurate.
Works fine and the meter is accurate when measured with a voltmeter. Great for the price.
Barry Brooks Barry Brooks
A few gripes but it works okay for DIY use
Good value. Quick delivery. Very well packed which makes me wonder how it got a large dent in the case. The mains connector is a TWO pin plug with a 13A travel adapter. This does allow you to give it a basic test but I don't think a two pin plug is strictly legal in the UK... unearthed metal case. The strange looking output socket will accept a 13A plug, although it is un-shuttered. Once tested I chopped off the 2pin plug and fitted a UK 13a plug. The mains lead is a robust 3wire double insulated wire. Analogue output meter is not very accurate... no surprise there. Would strongly advise anyone buying one of these to remove the front panel and inspect the earthing to the metal case. The case is coated with a very thick, tough paint and I had to scrape away the paint around the earth connection to ensure good contact. Overall I'm quite please with it. It'll do what I want it for.
Dr Vader ( Leicester, UK) Dr Vader ( Leicester, UK)
Compact variac
Good value variac
Barry Carter Barry Carter
Good unit, some detail weaknesses
This seems to be a generally well-made and well-packaged product, but it has a couple of weaknesses. Strictly speaking it's for 220V and comes with a European plug, but the output socket is of a universal type. The dial voltage calibration is fairly close up to 110V, after this the output tends to be a bit higher than set, perhaps because it's a 220V unit. The dial labelling also states 60Hz, which we can assume is just wrong. There is a moving-coil meter for output voltage, but this is not very readable and it's inferior to other units that featrure a digital display. The very good price perhaps reflects these weaknesses. I'm happy with the unit for general lab bench work.
Derek Carpenter Derek Carpenter
An excellent well made item.
This came at a very good price with fast delivery (5 days to UK) from seller 'Ltd'I would happily recommend it to anyone needing to have a source of variable ac mains voltage BUT please remember that this has no form of mains isolation !!After seeing another review I carried out some checks and found that on my unit the earthing was all OK and bonded to all parts of the metal case.The output voltage control is smooth in operation and any required voltage is easily set.It was supplied fitted with a euro plug and an adapter for the UK. I chose to cut off the euro plug and fit a UK plug.Although the fitted volt meter is quite accurate it is difficult to read so I am using a plug in energy meter which displays volts/amps/watts.This unit is supplied set up for 220v and is pefectly usable but it does mean the built in voltage scale will have some errors so do not rely on it, best to use a volt meter. Our local supply is around 240v.As I had the unit dismantled to check the earth connections I took the opportunity to move the 220v connection on the transformer to the 240v position, fairly straight forward for a knowledgeable person to do with a soldering iron and only took 15 minutes. Now the printed scale is reasonably accurate.
Tania Tania
Value for money
Good product arrived in good time very please overall

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