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98northwood 98northwood
Knee boards for concrete
Absolutely a necessity if you plan on doing a large scale concrete job. My husband is tackling out 500 foot driveway; he may never use them again, but they were worth the money for the ease of use in completing his task.
Michael Michael
Needs padding but great otherwise
Been great to work with only thing it needs is to be lined with padding on the inside
Morgan Morgan
Loving these
So many jobs over the years on a bit of board and knee pads, laying out planks etc.These are not cheap but a must have even if you only use them once or twice a year.
Marco Antonio chavez Marco Antonio chavez
Geniales para el terminado de concreto
Marciano vera rueda Marciano vera rueda
Compren podructos de calidad
Muy buen producto la verdad estoy satisfecho con mi pedido pues podr_ ense?arles c_o las uso pero no e tenido tiempo de grabar o tomar una foto pero en cuanto obtenga eso subir la imagen muchas gracias
Emilio porras Emilio porras
Sliders are perfect light weight very good e.p
Jeffrey Young Jeffrey Young
Has sharp edges
Good product well made and comfortable for working on concrete . Jy

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