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Machyniak Machyniak
Super mašinká.Funguje jak má.Usnadní praci a uzavře opravdu dokonale.Měl jsem si ji koupit už dříve.
Evgeni Evgeni
Recomendado 100%.Muy util para hacer embutidos en casa.Hubo un problema con las grapas pero atencion de cliente era de 10
J wain J wain
Good little gadget
Maurice Williamson Maurice Williamson
We have not used it yet but it looks just what we need
T. Rudi T. Rudi
Recht robust aber scharfkantig
Das Teil ist recht robust gebaut und funktioniert auch. 1 Stern Abzug gibt es für die scharfen Kanten, das könnte man noch beheben dann wärs perfekt.
Charles Davis Charles Davis
Proud to be the first person to review the great product.. please read entire review for more info.
I purchased this product to make Italian Sopressata.Backstory.... We have a crew of friends that makes Sopressata sausage every year and have struggled every year with the process of securing the ends of the links. We have used String, Zip Ties and Hog Rings.Introduce the Happy Buy Sausage Clipper.....""-Shut the front door-""-....""--Game changing--""... We (6 guys) made 500 (1) pound links yesterday in 10 hrs (from set-up to clean up). Whereas previous events of the same volume using other methods have taken the same number of guys literally twice as long and the Clipper was the difference.This machine preformed flawlessly (with ease we had to make a slight adjustment using the hand knob to compensate for the casing thickness) and is worth every cent we paid for it. I recommend this machine to anyone who is serious about making sausage. I suggest purchasing extra clips at the time of purchase to insure you have an ample supply for future needs, it will be very difficult if not downright impossible to get the perfect clip for this machine from other sources.I'm not sure if I'm allowed to market other products in this review but I want to share the other equipment and methods we use.I recommend the following;VIVO 15 LB vertical 2 speed stuffer (STUFR-V207). We have purchased (2) of the stuffers so we can use (2) cylindersWe can grind meat, blend and fill one cylinder while we are making links in the suffer with the other. Also having a backup press isn't a bad idea.Omcan (Fma) 44 Lb Tilting Meat Mixer - Mssmr44, Model# 19203Betitay Electric Meat Grinder, Stainless Steel Meat Mincer Sausage Stuffer, _1800 Watts Max_Heavy Duty Food Processing Machine with 3 Grinding Plates,Sausage Making Kit,Blade & Kubbe Attachment. This grinder is small but works pretty darn good for what it costs. I recommend getting (2) identical grinders (for obvious back-up reasons). I found refurbished units for $50.00 each. Keep the meat cold and the blades sharp ( sharpen by rubbing them on Emory paper).For Casings I use beef middles from Globe Packaging in Carlstadt NJ. I live close to Globe and have been there in person. I have had great experiences there, They cater to commercial but sell to and support the home sausage makers too.A cheap digital scale with a 30 lb MaxCable tie gun- Knoweasy fastening Cable tool,Die-Cast Steel Flush Cut Point Zip Tie Gun with Steel Handle,7"" Length(Zip ties are recommended for the first link first end and last link last end of the casing)Paper clips are used for hanging the sausage, We place a paper clip just under the metal clipWe add water to the meat (1lb water per 8lbs meat) to help the flow through the Stuffer.Work in batches. We try to keep the time from when the spices are added until it goes through the Stuffer at a minimum. (appox. 20-30 Minutes) Too long and it turns into glue.Purchase extra stuffing tubes (28 mm) and nuts. We run with and rotate (6) tubes loaded with casings. Contact VIVO for nuts. they have good customer se
SuperSonic Granny SuperSonic Granny
Love it, love it, live it, it works GREAT, I only wish I had discovered this gem a lot sooner, would have saved us a lot of time!
Meredith Meredith
Perfect for bagging live aquatics
Tired of rubber bands if you ship a lot of orders, this is for you. Holds water. Saves my fingers. No instructions but easy to figure out looking at the pictures.
aaron aaron
amazing product
amazing product
Nghia T. Nghia T.
Fast shipping, worked perfectly
Worked very good so far, save us lot of time when clipping the sausage casing

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