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$midd_ 8H0_ $midd_ 8H0_
Steering wheel
Best thing af ever bought to go with VR only thing was had to take the sliders of bottom but u can still adjust the seat ? backwards n forward ideal
Dave Dave
Pretty good unit
There are limited instuctions with this... And will take a while to assemble . good comfort and adjustability.The seat is a little funky to assemble(shipped sepeartly)was missing some nuts and bolts for attaching seat to stand. One of the eyelets that hold the pedel plate to the frame was broken. was easily reattached with a tig welder. I believe this to be the weak spot in the unit itself.. Logitech wheel and pedal set bolted down perfectly.. My only real complait is the wheel does not seat firmly on the bar supplied. I shimmed under the wheel to give it a firmer grip on that bar.. Overall a sturdy unit once assembled...
T. Webb T. Webb
Sturdy and Fairly Well made. Minimal Instructions.
Overall I like the item. As noted in the headline, it is sturdy and well made. Quite a few reviews speak of the lack of instructions. These reviews are NOT incorrect. The instructions are simply a single page exploded view of the frame. However, if you have ever assembled anything like a dresser, bed, entertainment center, patio furniture or even toys, this shouldn't give too many issues. Most parts can only go one place. Screws are either going to fit or not and either be too short or way too long.IF this had better instructions , I would have given 5 stars. That said, if you can accept limited instructions, this item is quite solid overall.
Great unit
Well built and easy to put together, although the seat is junk.
Loni Gaming Loni Gaming
Love it and good price
For the price its a really good racing sim setup very strong and i love the seat and its wasnt very hard to set it up
Tom Brown Tom Brown
Sturdy rig for the price
I have had this rig for about 6 weeks and it has been solid. I use the Logitech G920 and the rig works great for that setup. The chair is comfortable so I can race for as long as I want. For a low end racing cockpit, this is good quality for the price.
Jeremy mowry Jeremy mowry
Good product, worth the price.
Great product, shipped quickly. The seat_ bracket didn_ have big enough cut outs for the bolts to fit so I had to drill it out. The diagram helps but instructions would be better. Overall for the price it is a good buy. Once it was all out together, it_ sturdy and works great.
Brad B. Brad B.
Worth every penny!
I was worried about spending alot of money on a cheaper sim rig but this rig is worth every penny spent. Truth very well and stong built with a cheaper seat but the seat is not disappointing at all. Nice rig!
Jessi Jessi
Aufbau nicht leicht
Quali vom Material ist schon gut der Sitz muss vorsichtig montiert werden k?nnte rei?en. Aufbau geht recht fix wenn man alle richtigen Schrauben hat.
yo yo
Sturdy but misaligned
3/26/2021The seat is comfortable to sit in. It was a little difficult to line the hole up with the brackets to avoid ripping the material. The material is thick and appears that it will last a while and the seat is beautiful for the money...But if your pickey like I am, there are a few flaws I have found in this seat I received... there is a sizable gap on the seats right side. There are no other adjustments to pull the seatback in closer to the seat pad. Im not sure if it is the framework or if the seat padding is a little off. It doesn_ bother me too much, but you would think that the quality control would be at least symmetrical. Another thing I noticed is the right side support is bent in a little more than the left,I_ kinda disappointed that the seat back doesn_ line up properly with the seat pad. The stitching lines up differently on both side at the crotch of the seat...However, when I sit in it, it feels fine. However I haven_ actuasat in it for a marathon race yet.I will update more when the other two boxes arrive.

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