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VEVOR Arbor Press 1 Ton Manual Desktop Arbor Press 4-5/8 Inch Maximum Height Heavy Duty Arbor Press Cast Iron Material for Riveting Punching Holes

Customer Reviews for VEVOR Arbor Press 1 Ton Manual Desktop Arbor Press 4-5/8 Inch Maximum Height Heavy Duty Arbor Press Cast Iron Material for Riveting Punching Holes

1 ton

Customer Reviews

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alberto a. t. alberto a. t.
Buena presan de mamo de 1 T
La prensa est bien, es tal y como se describe. Tiene alg_ fallo peque?o, como que la barra de presi_ se cae ya que los dos tapones de pl_tico no sujeta lo suficiente. Pero lo dem_ todo bien. Oara mi trabajo he visto que 1 Ton. se queda un poco corta.
Vevor Customer Vevor Customer
Did exactly what I needed it too.
Jason D Jason D
Great press.
It_ exactly what i was expecting. I would recommend it to anyone that needs a good quality arbor press. The delivery was super fast too.
Ferey Ferey
Perfect Arbor press for hobbyist!
Small perfect Arbor press for amators and hobbyist. I am very happy with it. I can do many things with this press.
Greg J. Greg J.
Works well
When I bought this it had no reviews. I took a chance. It came well packaged with no damage (bolted down in a wooden crate). Minor adjustments and it was ready to go. For a 2 ton it does it's job. Have used it to press in a few bearings and seals so far, no problems. I'm using this at home so it should hold up well.
James P. James P.
Good little Arbor Press for the leather shop
I_e had a good arbor press in the barn for years to press bearings and such. I even used it every now and then to press grommets, snaps, and studs on leather projects. Once my beautiful bride bought me a new leather workin shop, I went to go move the old one from the barn into the new shop. I had it completely unbolted from the old workbench and was about to take it over to the new leather shop, when my beautiful bride asked me what the heck I was doin. She said I was just dang crazy to haul that dirty and rusty old two ton press into the new shop. She whipped out her smart phone, found this one and ordered it for me. I have to admit, she was right. The old one was pretty oily and rusty. I had to cover the base and wipe everything down good before puttin leather on it. This one had a little oil coating on it when it arrived, but it cleaned up right nice. The arm on the press is never in the right place, but I chucked it in the trash and welded one of them ratchet wrench handles from the _heap tools bin in the _ractor store, and now it works just fine. My beautiful bride likes the fact that once again, she was able to figure out a better answer to somethin. I guess she was right, I still need the other arbor press in the barn for mechanical stuff. This new one certainly is pretty sittin on the new bench. I had to cut some 1/4 inch thick steel plates to hold everything steady for leather workin, but it was worth it to get this one and make the changes...not to mention, it makes my gorgeous bride of more than 29 years, happy to take such good care of me. Personally, I think she still feels a little guilty for throwin my leather-workin stuff outta the new house. The new shop she bought me is turnin out to be quite the little retreat for gunsmithin and leather smithin, so I can_ complain too much. Besides, she still comes out to sit with me in the shop in the evenings and even brings me a small glass of scotch! Just one more thing to say thanks for in my evenin prayers.
Dina Justes Dina Justes
Good simple press
Strong no fooling around press. Works for a variety of tasks like pressing in small metal parts and bearings, setting heavy grommets, and as a one off case sizing press for reloading.
James James
Clunky but functional
The ram is kinda clunky. The tool hole is exactly 1/2 inch so my 2mt arbor shank wouldn't fit. Would have been nice to know ahead of time. Overall, its no work of art but it does its job as a leather tool press and for leather cutting dies
Patrick J. Brice Jr. Patrick J. Brice Jr.
Good purchase
Exactly what it should be.
Emily Emily
Good itwm
Arrived on time and is exactly what we were looking for. Happy with this purchase

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