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VEVOR Heavy Duty Drawer Slides 40" Length, Locking Drawer Slides 500lbs Load Capacity Long Full Extension Drawer Slide 1 Pair Side Mount Ball Bearing Drawer Glides Push to Open Drawer Runners Rail

Customer Reviews for VEVOR Heavy Duty Drawer Slides 40" Length, Locking Drawer Slides 500lbs Load Capacity Long Full Extension Drawer Slide 1 Pair Side Mount Ball Bearing Drawer Glides Push to Open Drawer Runners Rail

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Kev Kev
Vevor Heavy duty drawer slides
I had bought sets of Klug drawer slides as they were easy to install and easy to remove the drawer once installed. However, they are made of flimsy material and they were destroyed in no time. So I tried the equivalent Vevor product, which was cheaper but more difficult to install and you cannot remove the drawer once installed. The drawer slides are much more robust, quieter and have a locking device. The finished job is much better and I have confidence that they will last for a long time. The other downside is the fixing instruction leaflet is next to useless. So, in my opinion the Vevor product is superior to the Klug more expensive product. Well done and thank you.
NorthernTrucker NorthernTrucker
Beefy, almost too beefy
Building another custom overland trailer and this is the first time I’ve used 500lb slides. Just FYI these things are beefy, big and heavy. Overkill for my double slide out kitchen but at least I know they will take the weight without issue. Ordered two sets but ended up ordering 250lb slides for the second slide out. Great quality and excellent locking mechanism.
Brandon H. Brandon H.
Ball bearings can be misaligned
They work great after being set up properly, but be aware that the black plastic pieces that hold the ball bearings can be misaligned and are not easy to adjust. I thought at first that my order was wrong because this misalignment caused one side to be a full 2 inches shorter than the other when fully extended. If this happens to you just take a look at the black plastic pieces and give them a good whack to bang them into place.One other thing is that I had to buy new bolts/nuts because the ones that come with them are way too short to install on anything other than sheet metal. I just used inch and a half 1/4 20 bolts and they worked fine going through a 1 by 4.
Ciaran Ciaran
I was a bit sceptical about using Vevor as the product was a third of the price I was about to pay elsewhere. Goods arrived promptly and well packed, under the max 6 days mentioned. Quality is great, runners smooth and robust in design. Very happy with this purchase. I will buy from Vevor again!
wizbe wizbe
parfait pour montage dans camping car / motor home / van / fourgon
Je les ai utilisées pour faire un plateau extractible dans la soute de mon van et ils sont très solides, fonctionnent parfaitement et sont bien finis.Attention, il n'y a qu'une seule fermeture du côté droit, comme c'est vers l'arrière du véhicule, je ne me suis pas inquiété.
lloyd fletcherboggs lloyd fletcherboggs
Big and sturdy
Megan Origer Megan Origer
Solid Drawer Slides
These drawer slides seem very sturdy and feel like they will last a long time. The ones I received were opposite of what is shown in the picture. This was not a problem for my use, but it maybe for a different project. Although it looks like maybe they updated the picture now. Also, it wasn't entirely clear to me that you push down on the flat side of the yellow locking latch. Over all I would definitely buy again if I have another project that could use them.
Donald Yochem Donald Yochem
Heavy slide
Very nice slide, the only thing that I hate about it, is it only locks on one slide, but is useable
WiggyWalker WiggyWalker
Solid and lockable
Absolutely solid and can take a load of weight. Used them to suspend my tablesaw in my work bench so needed something dependable, these so far haven_ let me (or the furiously spinning blade of doom) down.One slider has a locking lever that is easy to use as long as you give the sliders the advised opperating spacing. This is set out in the pictures on the selling page and in the installation paperwork.I didn_ recieve the paperwork with my purchase however the seller sent it across via email within 24hours.If you have something heavy you want held up, these will do the trick.
Zylon33 Zylon33
Really really Heavy Duty !!
Wish it had a latch release on both slides

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