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Diamond Saw Blade

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Diamond Saw Blades for Exquisite Results

Whether you're enhancing the concrete with decorative scoring or sawing control joints, VEVOR diamond saw blade can be your good companion. Our concrete saw blades have tiny diamonds on the edge of the blade for cutting hard and abrasive materials. Adding our diamond blades to your collection of powerful tools can make the cutting task easy and fast.

Types of Diamond Saw Blade

Here are the types of diamond saw blades VEVOR offers:

Concrete Saw Blade

VEVOR concrete saw blade is a type of circular saw blade that you can use to cut concrete, masonry, and other hard materials. Our blades have special diamond-tipped teeth that help cut through the abrasive materials. 

Soff-cut Diamond Blade

Our soft-cut diamond blade is best for early entry cutting of green concrete. It features a low-noise, low-vibration design and a special diamond-tipped segment. You can use our soft-cut blades with a Soff-cut saw, a type of walk-behind saw, for efficient and controlled cuts.

Dry Segmented Cutting Wheel

Our dry-segmented cutting wheel can be used for cutting hard materials such as concrete, brick, and stone without the use of water. The segments on the rim are diamond-tipped, and the spaces between them allow for cooling and debris removal. You can use VEVOR dry segmented cutting wheels with handheld angle grinders or walk-behind saws.

Laser Welding Diamond Blades

Laser welding diamond blades are a type of circular saw blade in which the diamond segments are welded to the blade using laser technology. This provides a strong and durable bond and makes the blades last longer. You can use these blades in construction, demolition, and masonry industries for fast and smooth cuts.

Masonry Wet Saw Blade

You can use our masonry wet saw blade to cut masonry materials such as concrete, brick, and stone. These blades are designed to be used with water, which helps to cool the blade and minimize dust. You can use them with wet saws for precise and clean cuts for various masonry applications.

Angle Grinder Tile Blade

VEVOR angle grinder tile blade can cut ceramic, porcelain, and other types of tile. The blade is designed to be used with handheld angle grinders and has a diamond-tipped rim for efficient cutting. This blade is best for tile contractors and DIY enthusiasts for cutting tile for installation or repair.

Main Features and Functions of Diamond Saw Blade

Here are the main features of the VEVOR diamond saw blade:

Unique cutting edge 

VEVOR diamond blades have unique cutting edges with regular holes or notches. Our saw blades reduce friction for stable work.

High-quality diamond

The cutting edge of our stone saw blade is made of premium diamond, which makes them durable and hard. Also, the laser welding of blades extends their cutting life.

Easy of use 

VEVOR blade granite can be used for both dry and wet surfaces. 

High-efficiency cutting 

Our concrete diamond blade provides fast, accurate, and smooth cutting. 

Applications of Diamond Saw Blade

Here are some common applications of the diamond saw blade:

Concrete cutting

Asphalt cutting

Stone cutting

Tile cutting

Masonry cutting

Metal cutting 

Ductile iron cutting

Glass cutting

Wood cutting

Underwater cutting

How to Choose the Best Diamond Saw Blade?

Here are the things to consider before buying a diamond saw blade:

Diamond quality: Look for blades that use high-quality diamonds for longer life and better cutting efficiency. 

Segment height: A higher segment height will provide more diamonds on the cutting edge, resulting in longer life and faster cutting. 

Blade size: The size of the blade should match the size of the saw you are using. 

Cutting material: The type of material you will be cutting will also play a role in selecting the best blade. 

Machine compatibility: Make sure the saw blade you purchase is compatible with the saw you are using. 

Rim configuration: The rim configuration refers to the shape of the blade's edge. It can be flat, segmented, turbo, or continuous. 

Cutting edge: Look for blades with a consistent cutting edge for smooth and accurate cuts. 

Top-selling Diamond Saw Blade

Here are our top-selling products: 

18-inch Diamond Saw Blade

Our 18-inch masonry blade is designed to cut fast in most tile materials. The height of the segment is 0.47"/12mm, which helps extend the blade's service life. VEVOR segmented diamond blade is made of high-performance diamond. This blade has a thinner kerf that helps increase the cutting speed while minimizing dust. 

6-inch Concrete Saw Blade

VEVOR 6-inch concrete saw blade has a segment height of 0.39"/10mm. It can last longer and offers great service life. Our diamond blade has a great saw blade, a skid plate, and a reducing ring to satisfy your cutting needs. Our concrete saw blade is easy to use on any hard materials. 

FAQ: Diamond Saw Blade

What materials can a diamond saw blade cut? 

Concrete, masonry, stone, brick, asphalt, and other similar materials.

How do I properly store a diamond saw blade? 

Keep it in a dry, protected place, away from excessive heat, cold, and moisture.

Can a diamond saw blade cut metal? 

No, diamond saw blades are not suitable for cutting metal.

What safety precautions should I take when using a diamond saw blade? 

You should wear eye and ear protection, gloves, and appropriate clothing. Make sure the diamond blade is properly installed and tightened.

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