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Load Height Measuring Stick

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Load Height Measuring Stick

Height Measurement Stick

The VEVOR load height measurement stick is a composition of durable fiberglass, is non-conductive for safer usage, lightweight for simple control, and includes a carrying case for easy storage. To ensure safer travel when transporting large goods over long distances, truck drivers and automobile transport like you need this load height measurement stick.
Types of Height Measurement Stick
1. Height Measurement Stick with 20 ft height
When you transport large loads over long distances, our load height measuring stick, which includes a telescopic pole that extends up to 20 feet, offers considerably safer trips by providing accurate measurements.
2. Height Measurement Stick with 15 ft height
Our 15-foot -height measuring stick is crucial for truckers and car movers to correctly gauge their load and prevent accidents when operating vehicles with tall loads.
VEVOR Load Height Measuring Stick, 15'
Folded Height: 51.6" / 131 cm
Folded Width: 4.1" / 10.5 cm
Material: Fiberglass

Main Features and Functionality of Height Measurement Stick
Simple to Read
This truck height stick has bold English and metric markings on a high-visibility orange background. As a result, even from a low position, it is straightforward for you to read the measurement.
Sturdy fiberglass body
We used sturdy, lightweight, non-conductive glass fiber to build the measuring stick. And to assure durability and user safety, the top metal frame is boosted using mechanical and adhesive methods.

Efficient Storage
Our measurement tool for truck drivers and vehicle transporters comes with a reliable storage bags simple, making to it transport and store. When utilizing our measuring tool for truckers and car movers, It is possible to fold up to 52 inches.

Main Uses of Height Measurement Stick
The following uses for the height measurement stick are the most typical ones:
A height measurement stick is appropriate for determining the height of a tall load and a potential hazard on the road. Measurement of load height and clearance is simple and accurate.

The inventive telescoping pole on this height measurement stick provides significantly safer trips and precise measurements for moving high goods over long distances.

The height stick is always adjusted into the appropriate measuring position using just a few indicators. cables & bridges, and transporting cars & other large items.

Many truck drivers and automobile movers use our load height stick to ensure safe travel when transporting towering loads over long distances.

How Do You Buy The Best Height Measurement Stick?
You might be a truck driver or the owner of a transportation company if you've opted to get the best height measurement stick, but it can also be handy for other professions that need measuring large loads. When selecting one for whichever industry you may be working in, the height of the measurement stick should be your first consideration. VEVOR provides two variations with 20 feet and 15 feet measurement sticks. The second important element you should consider is the appropriate material utilized to make it. These 20 feet and 15 feet height measuring sticks were set up by VEVOR using the highest quality material.

It is the construction of dependable reinforced glass fiber and is a safely affixed metal top to the pole. Long-term use will not damage it, so you can pay attention to how well it reads. VEVOR offers the best reading quality because it comes with substantial, readable digits and an efficiently observable background. You can also pick between English and metric marks. With these advantages, VEVOR offers you dedicated customer service.

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