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Outdoor Kitchen Drawer

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Outdoor Kitchen Drawer
The outdoor kitchen drawer is an essential part of your outdoor kitchens, BBQ tables, or grilling stations. All made of durable stainless steel, the drawer meets the high demands of harsh outdoor conditions and provides outstanding rust and corrosion resistance. Thanks to the smooth sliding rails, users can open and close the drawer without any obstacle. The seamless design keeps the inside from rain, wind, and debris. This outdoor kitchen drawer is the best option for making your outdoor cooking area clean and tidy. There are generally 3 types of outdoor kitchen drawers: common drawer, drawer & access door combo, or trash/propane tank drawer.

Single/Multiple-Layer Common Drawer
This type of drawer adopts the single/double/triple-layer design, satisfying your needs for large storage space. It is your ideal solution for storing cookware, tableware, cooking tools, and other frequent-using items. A variety of sizes are available (18x23x23in, 14x20.25x23.2in, 14.7x25.4x18.7in, 14x8.5x23.1in, etc.), and it’s free for you to choose the suitable one according to the size of your cabinet.

Drawer & Access Door Combo
This type consists of double/triple drawers and a right hinge door. The drawers can store your necessary items, and the vertical door is suitable for putting gas tanks, trash cans, and other bulky objects. There are different sizes for your option: 33x22x20.5in, 29.5x22.6x21.7in, 38.1x22.6x20.7in, 36x24x25in.

Trash/Propane Tank Drawer
This type of pull-out drawer is specially-designed for holding trash cans or propane tanks. The smooth sliding rails on both sides allow you to roll in and roll out the drawer with a convenient handle without any obstacles. A perfect match to throw waste or start cooking at ease.

The above is a brief introduction to our outdoor kitchen drawers. More storage drawers of various specifications await your choice. Start your own outdoor cooking journey with VEVOR.

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