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Emilian N. Emilian N.
Strong chains,you need to strenghten the screws before using it.
Had to repaint it.Used it for personal hobby:))
luc raymond luc raymond
Would have been perfect if it wasn’t scratched.
content de mon achat va super bien et m evite de lever des charge lourde economise mon dos
Deanna Thiessen Deanna Thiessen
We use this in the lobby of our small motel and it is perfect
dawnweddle dawnweddle
Hard working ice machine
I ordered this ice machine for my small business. It came very quickly which you can expect from Amazon. It was in a much smaller box than I anticipated though. My husband set it up and it was very easy. Don’t let the small size fool you, this machine really puts out the ice. There are several settings on it as to how you want your ice, you just have to play with it to get it exactly the way you want it but believe me, you won’t be disappointed. Within an hour or two from getting it home it was putting ice in the bin. It has worked flawlessly for several months and has not hit any snags, even on our days of 100+ degree heat here in Florida. I recommend this ice machine to anyone who is tired of buying ice at the convenience stores every day like we used to. Saves my business time and money.D Weddle
Will Will
Much smaller than thought
faviola vaca faviola vaca
La calidad
Me está funcionando muy bien me gusta la calidad de los materiales y como conserva los hielos tanto tiempo si derretirse
Joyce Morin Joyce Morin
Good product
When we received this I almost returned it. The box was all torn up and the product was dirty and looked used. My husband set it up in the garage and it worked perfectly. He has used it to lift our tractor to work on it. Works great. Glad I did not return it. Thank you
R. Holmes R. Holmes
Well worth the money
I bought this (2 Ton) to hoist a backhoe attachment for my tractor. The backhoe weight ~ 800 lbs. This hoist arrived in a scruffy box that was "mushed" but still intact. Inside, the chain was together with the hoist in a plastic bag and, of course, covered in preservative. That was totally to be expected and after cleaning it up, I installed it on an overhead beam. Both chains run very smoothly and the structure of the hoist was very stable and handled this weight without a whimper. I am very pleased with the quality and this will be a welcome addition to the shop. Both chains run in proper chain wheels rather than over (4) spacers like others I've seen. The brake works as anticipated and held the load while I repositioned the shoring underneath.
Allen Armstrong Allen Armstrong
Great bargain!!!!!
Worked like a charm!!! Will lift 2 Ton and probably then some.
frank orbin frank orbin
better than expected
Cost and workability ratio is a plus for the buyer.

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