andy andy
Fast Shipping
James Ryan James Ryan
With these everyday is over the hump day
These are solid well manufactured curb ramps. I found the marking a safety benefit that will improve the application.
Did not receive all of my product.
Only received one instead of 2 like I was supposed to receive.
Harrison Silvero Harrison Silvero
Great addition to your driveway.
This product has been great so far. Took the bump out of my curb entering my driveway which will save my suspension in the long run. Only thing I didnt like was it took about a little under 2 weeks to be delivered and came freight for some reason.
We bought these as a less expensive alternative to another driveway transition
These are about $100 less than Bridj-it but they don't have ends nor do they have connectors. I can probably devise a connector using plastic plumbing pipes and screw through the sections to hold them together. They're made to protect cables running across driveways so there's a channel under the center.They stink like crazy of rubber so I'm keeping them in my pickup truck bed until the smell is bearable.I purchased them mostly because our Class C motorhome scraped when pulling into our driveway, so we kept 4 different two by sixes in the garage which we laid in the gutter of the road to ease the transition.In order to cover the entire 16 foot wide driveway, I'd need another 48" section. I didn't rate the durability because we just got them. I only planned to move them out when I needed to bring the RV into the driveway. I'm keeping a dolly around to move them since each section is over 50 pounds.
Baboo Baboo
Work pretty good,
These seem to work pretty good, would be better if they were all hooked together. One other problem is my driveway is eighteen feet wide so I could use a extra single one to make it fit better. Haven't had them very long so I don't know how they will hold over time, but so far so good.
Martin Gorner Martin Gorner
Does the job
Perfect curb ramp. There is no way to stitch the three pieces together but they are really heavy so they do not seem to be moving apart much. I'll see with time. They are not as fancy as the bridj'its because they do not have tapered end pieces. But with the hello stripes, they look even nicer. Also, they seem to fit our curb profile better that the neighbor's bridj'its. Good value for money.
b.j. OBrien b.j. OBrien
Good and Bad
They are heavy duty and seem as though they will last for a while. However, there are 3 pcs and they move a lot with little driving over them.....must adjust or move back into place on a regular basis.
Cynthia.simsay Cynthia.simsay
A delay in delivery because my cell phone was not answered, yet no message/voicemail was left.
Durable, do the job. However, the three sections separate after a couple drive-overs. My husband is planning to wire them together.
Dawn Cushing Dawn Cushing
Good product
Worked out good

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