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Daniel Daniel
Nice little hand truck
Personnel, j’ai une mini forge ( forgeron )
Leslie Johnstone Leslie Johnstone
So powerful
I bought the 22 lb steel anvil for light work in my shop. I completely agree with an earlier review which recommends that you spend a bit more and get a steel (instead of iron ) anvil. The anvil that I received was quite nicely made and did not show any of the issues that some other buyers had encountered. The 22 lb size is nice for light work and is easy to move about. The working surfaces are nicely designed and have not shown any signs of taking damage during use.
David S. David S.
Nice anvil for a reasonable price
Arrived very poorly packaged in a crap box with no packing material.This anvil is both cast and steel. The casting marks are clear however it is cast solid steel and not hollowform cast iron. Is it forged? Meh. Is it heat treated? Also. Meh.The top surface is a ground finish. The edges are rough, pitted, and sharp. A little grinding on the sides gets you down to clean metal and you can then break the edges to a well rounded shape.The horn is covered with a thick coat of paint with deep pitting beneath. It took some effort with a variety of flap discs, mill files, and sandpaper to remove the pitting but the steel beneath is solid.All in all. Not a bad little anvil for working at a small scale. I give it a four out five because it is about the only anvil available in this weight, and the price is okay but it does need some work to bring it up to an acceptable working state.
Paul Paul
Second roll of PEX LINE
anvil decent for the most part got a bunch of chips and the round hole is unusable but that second statement anyone can tell by looking at the thing so I'm telling you nothing new. What might be of use however that my 60kg anvil the drivers refused to deliver for over a week then attempted to return to sending stating I refused it (I did not) I called and waited 4 days for call backs but no answer so I went to the depo where the tracking said it was (waiting for return). Due to its weight they would of never attempted to deliver it (because its unweight to not need pallet to get to the depo but to heavy to be delivered by one person on a ups van? go figure that one out cause I cant.) However due to its weight the return also would of took abnormally long which is why I was still able to pick it up. So Once it is at your local depo I recommend just going to pick it up in person don't bother with the customer service they wont help and the "refused the package" I think is their attempt to get out of contract by blaming the purchaser. (this isn't why I rated it 4 stars that's just the finish of the forge scale and chip marks meaning it needs about 2-4 hours of good clean up)
Mark S Mark S
Beast Mode
Says it’s100lbs yet the shipping weight is 85lbs, i think 85-80 is more accurate but it’s still a beast. Hardy hole is 1.25” for those that want to know since the listing doesn’t spec it out. I’ve beat on it pretty well so far and it takes it like a champ, great bang for the buck, pun intended lol. Good chance the packaging won’t weather the shipping but it doesn’t matter, you can’t hurt this thing
Andrew Clayton Andrew Clayton
Cracking bit of kit, nice weight to it, perfect securing points/holes to bolt it down and easy access to these points. Just need to find the right sized accessories that fit into the ⬛ hole in the anvil �
Toxo Toxo
Excellent piece of kit. I use it for leather work and the flat point is especially useful for riveting belt strap keepers.
Anvil Anvil
Looks like reasonable quality and ok for the money.However the packaging is not very good for an item so heavy.This is the last time I am writing a review because of the 100 character rule.It should be up to the customer to choose how they review something,not be told to write 100 characters or more.You need to change your policy.
lovedod man lovedod man
mr oneill
delighted with my anvil really good quality at a great price.excellent service highly recomended arrived as advised. will shop for more products
Kettner Franz Kettner Franz
Die Oberfläche könnte einen härteren Guss vertragen.

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