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I just love this anvil. Ideal for knife making I have mounted it on a wood dolly to deaden the blows. It does everything I would expect it to do.
Alan Craigon Alan Craigon
Excellent anvil for the occasional need I have. Mounted on wooden block it makes a solid work platform. Can't fault this product and would recommend.
John Kynaston John Kynaston
Great piece of kit
Just what I needed right size weight and priceWould recommend for a starter hobby or expert great tool
James James
Tom carter from runeblades1994
I love these anvils I’ve been using these for a little over a year. I’d recommend these anvils for anyone at a beginner level all the way up to a professional craftsman. Check out my Instagram account runeblades1994
Thor Thor
The well-tempered anvil
Sold my very large anvil and invested in this. Very happy. Excellent quality casting. Ideal for driving out kingpins and cold-tempering road springs at a weight I can move around if necessary. Strongly recommended.
Paywand Paywand
Nice price
It’s great for the price you pay. Very high quality and heavy duty for a small size. Highly recommended.
Mikael Mikael
Just finish up the edges and put it on a secure pedistal, in the right hight. Bought a stone cracker and forged it to fit the hardy hole. Should have gotten a bigger anvil but I'll place a concrete block on the bottom and secure it with bolts soon to keep it from bouncing around.
madar7003 madar7003
Hungary, 5100, Jász-Nagykun-Jászberény
Greeting! The quality of the ordered 30 kg steel anvil is perfect, suitable for knife forging. The ordered product arrived quickly. The price of the anvil is favorable. I quickly removed the paint from the anvil. Thanks!
Aleks Aleks
Round Horn 30kg Blacksmith Cast Steel Anvil
I have ordered 3x30Kg steel anvils already on Vevor and first two were excellent (good casting). This last one, nevertheless is pretty poorly casted. As you can see from the photos, the poor casting was repaired by some kind of putty, and they did a pretty lousy job. The top part looks ok. When I claimed it, they ignored the appeal and they offered just 10Eur reimbursement, saying that the machine has no problem and can be normally used. For that reason I am giving 3/5.
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Alexander Alexander
Det funkar bra gör det den ska prisvärd

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