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Spooks Spooks
Love my lathe
Well, what can I say……I love my lathe. I’m new to Woodturning and learning everytime and this lathe is perfect for me. It’s a nice size and quiet. I’ve learnt how to change the belt if I need to and learnt how to use the bits and bobs that come with it. All in all, it’s a great little lathe and I love it.
Jon Harney Jon Harney
8 inch 12 inch
Really happy with this lathe. It's the perfect tool to learn woodturning. I'd previously had one of those £40 bead lathes off Amazon. Don't waste your money on them. Get this because you can make so much more. Light enough to be portable if required but heavy enough that it stays still when working without needing bolting down. Had a slight issue with one of the tool rests but the customer service team sorted it out straight away.
Woodwose Woodwose
8 inch 12 inch
Wizard of the Secret Grove
The speed of delivery was impressive: From Australia to the UK within 25.5 hours of my order being placed (According to the order delivery details.)! It's pretty much what I expected for the money. I shall not niggle about the fact that the bed is cast ferritic steel rather than cast iron: it is heavy, solid and very stable, and well enamelled. It was also well packaged (no more packaging than necessary), and well clarted with a layer of oil. I have already set it up, to test it, and it is straight and accurate, and also very quiet. I recommend fitting the faceplate, as a flywheel if nothing else. Speaking of which, according to the manual, there appears to be a missing miniature faceplate, but that does not appear in the original description. Overall, I knew what I was buying, I'm happy with the value of what I've got, and I've saved money: a lot of money. My furniture is looking worried, VERY worried.
judd judd
10 inch 18 inch
I ordered the digital readout wood turning lathe on Wednesday at 4 pm received it on Friday at 2 pm, very fast delivery. Very solid lathe quite heavy which is good, very quiet in operation. I am very very pleased with everything including the very fast service. Thank you so much. Best regards Gerald.
George Little George Little
10 inch 18 inch
Great little machine.
Easy to use and an ample range of features. First impressions are all good.
Gary l Gary l
12 inch 18 inch
Good workshop piece
Found this to be a great bit of kit! I added the extension to the sliding bed and this allowed me to make replacement spindles for a staircase.
Akeno Okami Akeno Okami
It works fine
I was almost turned away by all of the negative reviews but decided to go ahead and give it a try anyway, and honestly it's a fine machine. There are some drawbacks, its quite heavy which is to be expected for a lathe of this size, and the tool rest is way too short for the swing. Additionally it would seem that the live center on the tail stock doesn't come off so thats a problem on its own. Other than that I've had no issues out of it and actively look forward to using it. Would I recommend it to someone else Totally, just be prepared to buy some extra parts.
8 inch 12 inch
Mounted it to a bench and workd great
I gave this to my boyfriend as a birthday present and I can't get him off of it he loves it
Bonita Brown Bonita Brown
Great Decision
We bought this for my son for his birthday, this is an upgrade to a small lathe that he had. My son absolutely loves it, make sure you bolt it down using all the bolt holes to a heavy duty stand or work bench! It works well!We made this goblet as his first project, he couldn_ do this on his small lathe!I wouldn_ buy this for a beginner, this is much more powerful and more for those that are in an intermediate level or up. My son was a little intimidated at first but slowly started getting more comfortable and is now making some really nice wood projects!
Timothy Babcock Timothy Babcock
8 inch 12 inch
Timothy, excellent quality, solid construction and very easy to use. Photo is my set up.
I purchased my lathe after reading your positive reviews. It was delivered as expected. I purchased this lathe to turn down blank fishing lures. It_ cast iron construction is excellent, the spindle runout is fantastic. I have used it a few times now and am very satisfied with it. I would highly recommend this lathe.

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