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Mark Anderson Mark Anderson
lock jig
a great tool but with no replacement cutters available from anywhere what do you do when the blade is blunt
Gurpal Singh Gurpal Singh
Very good jog
Really good jig, so easy to use, great price
Paul Whistler Paul Whistler
Clumsy no more
Excellent piece of kit and an essential for a diy'er. Took hours off my usual time and my lock was actually straight. Could do with an instruction booklet being issued with it though. Price was great too
Hamdi Covas Hamdi Covas
You can be sure that it will make your job easier.
Gilbert P. Gilbert P.
Excellent produit
Bonne qualit, facile a utiliser
Jamie Webb Jamie Webb
great,once you get used to it
Julia Hua Julia Hua
Works and is cheap. Good value but...
If you do this for a living, get a UK or US made tool, etc. This things works pretty well and is a great value, but it's not amazing.
beesewimportant beesewimportant
I am a fan of tools
I didn't realize that I would need this tool to install my new door knob. I have a lot of doorknobs to replace and this tool will come in handy.
Jason Jason
Great customer service
This is an excellent part for installing the soss hinges! Great customer service as well highly recommend.
dan f. dan f.
Fantastic bit of kit, trade recommended 100%
Came in very handy for putting in 6 inch locks in 80yr old doors that had already been morticed to suit different sized locks. Probably would have been impossible without it. Only drawback is that to get it to slide on the rails you can't fully tighten both the adjustable rings or else it binds up so you have to be pretty careful the jig doesn't wander off a little. But for the price that's a minor complaint. Using it to mortice into endgrain 6 inches deep was pushing it to its absolute limit and it held up well, I'd another 6 inch lock to do in a 30 min firedoor and it did the mortice perfectly in less than a minute so I can only imagine how quickly this will go through a whole house of standard locks in regular light doors. This jig is an absolute steal at 70e and pays for itself within an hour, I'll probably upgrade the cutters before risking it on faceplate but recommend it 100% for trade use

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