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Scott J Hollinger Scott J Hollinger
Include a manual that has the setup information
Include a manual that has the setup information
James C Cochran James C Cochran
Works great.
Works great. I use it for mortice and tendon work also.
Bob Mortimer Bob Mortimer chip pie tool out there
Best tool I_e bought in years
fabio sanchez mejia fabio sanchez mejia
Exelente producto . Justo lo que necesitaba
Exelente producto . Lleg muy r_ido .
John John
Works quite well
It's fine as far as it goes. The cutters supplied are too big for most locks. They are an M10 thread and you would think that any similar mortiser would make their cutters with an M10 thread so I bought a 16mm dia cutter from Souber. But although the Souber mortiser looks virtually identical, it uses some sort of medieval thread of about 7.5mm. And I don't seem to be able to get hold of a 16mm dia cutter with an M10 thread.I shall probably find a suitable rod the same diameter as on my original mortiser and ask a friend with a workshop to run a tap of this medieval thread down into its end. If the Chinese company which made this advertised 16mm cutters, I would buy one but I can't find whether they do.Buy it if you are happy with oversized slots but you may have problems getting replacement cutters.
Fast and easy
Saved me lots of money, easy to use. Used it on big expensive doors with equally as expensive hardwarePD
Gilbert P. Gilbert P.
Excellent produit
Bonne qualit, facile a utiliser
Barry C. French Barry C. French
Latch jig
I have been looking for a latch jig for a long time! Glad I found this one and at a reasonable price.
dan f. dan f.
Fantastic bit of kit, trade recommended 100%
Came in very handy for putting in 6 inch locks in 80yr old doors that had already been morticed to suit different sized locks. Probably would have been impossible without it. Only drawback is that to get it to slide on the rails you can't fully tighten both the adjustable rings or else it binds up so you have to be pretty careful the jig doesn't wander off a little. But for the price that's a minor complaint. Using it to mortice into endgrain 6 inches deep was pushing it to its absolute limit and it held up well, I'd another 6 inch lock to do in a 30 min firedoor and it did the mortice perfectly in less than a minute so I can only imagine how quickly this will go through a whole house of standard locks in regular light doors. This jig is an absolute steal at 70e and pays for itself within an hour, I'll probably upgrade the cutters before risking it on faceplate but recommend it 100% for trade use
Arnold Bullock Arnold Bullock
reference collar
tool is generally well made. cuts well too. I find it a bit rough when using a dewalt 20volt battery drill. The stem where the collar referenced the work has about 1/8" recess where the collar will eventually stop, this makes the resulting cut too deep . I corrected this by fitting a spacer into the recess so the collar can be flush with the rim of the stem

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