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dan relf dan relf
Very impressed
A fantastic quality piece of technology. It works very well, with a very smooth finish on the job.
xrayman xrayman
Does a good job
I decided to buy this laser engraver as I needed to make some name plates for my granddaughter's garden Wendy house. The machine was relatively easy to build providing you follow the instructions to the letter, the online videos are also helpful. Up to now it works very well with the work I have done. I have not tried to use it for spindle engraving but I suspect it will do the job. The software that came with the machine seem to be straightforward to use and to install. The software installs well on most Windows systems from XP to Windows 11.
Mel Mel
Best value CNC Router
Recently purchased the 3018 Pro CNC Router with 5W laser. Great value for money and excellent quality. This engraving machine has much thicker supports for the X gantry than most of the competition, which should be a major selling point for any budget router engraver. Everything fitted correctly and I had no build problems whatsoever. The supplied software is more than sufficient to get started with but might need to upgrade the software when more experience is gathered in order to exploit the full potential of the machine. Given the money spent on this machine, I am extremely impressed with all aspects including fast delivery. I am also in the market for a Mini Lathe, so given this experience, I will definitely look at the supplier for my next purchase. 10 out of 10
Oli Oli
Excellent kit to make a start
Has all the essentials for an introduction into CNC. Easy to assemble Works quickly out of box Very easy to upgrade
Alexander Sievewright Alexander Sievewright
Vevor 3040
Great little machine could do with having home switch's fitted from new rather than the buyer trying to fit them. Also a grbl main board like the 3018 would be better than the mach 3 you would be able to control the spindle speed from the software rather than a knob on the box
Barna Sándor Barna Sándor
Tökéletesen működik. A termék teljes mértékben tudja azt a feladatot, amire kitalálták. Az összeszereléshez azért nem árt megnézni egy-két videot. Rendben és hamar megérkezett.
Stefan Åbrandt Stefan Åbrandt
Highly priced
A capable machine But the buildquality had some issues.
6040 4axix buyer 6040 4axix buyer
It looks very good but due to lack of time I didn't get to put it to work. Although the seller shipped quickly, the order took longer than I expected to arrive (2 weeks).
jolanta jolanta
produkt ocenilem iloscia gwiazdek.chce pochwalic profesjonalne podejscie firmy i pracownikow do klienta.kupilem grawerke w czasie uzytkowania stwierdzilem pewne istotne roznice pomiedzy reklama produktu a faktycznymi mozliwosciami urzadzenia.problem zglosilem sprzedawcy.po okresie negocjacji doszlismy do porozumienia ktore calkowicie zaspokoilo moje oczekiwania w stosunku do mozliwosci grawerki.reasumujac pracownik firmy Vevor wykazal sie operatywnoscia i zrozumieniem klienta,takie dzialanie jest godne nasladowania.osobiscie sugeruje kierownictwu firmy aby rozwazyli pewne modyfikacje w ofercie aby uniknac takich klientow jak moja skromna osoba.
Martin Gard Martin Gard
So simple to set up
Arrived with damage to the outer boxing but everything inside was perfect. So easy to set up I managed to do it without realising there were comprehensive instructions on the memory stick provided. Put the memory stick in the computer followed the easy instructions to set up Mach3 and after resetting the computer all ready to go. Machine is well manufactured and relatively quiet. Only downside so far is I have been unable to set up the tool for setting zero on the Z axis, trying to follow the instructions. Looking for someone to help me with that.

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