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Jimbo Jimbo
All Good
Great seller! Fast response, accurate description. A great product at a very good price, delivered quickly. Pleasure doing business with.
Κωνσταντίνος Κωνσταντίνος
very goodvery good Easy to use arrive in sort time good Quality good pricf Easy to use arrive in sort time good Quality good pricf
150 mm 150 mm
Vypadá velice profesionálně, dobrá možnost seřízení vůle - je bez vůle. Velmi kvalitní výrobek, rychle dodání, Super cena, plně doporucuji7
Joseph Joseph
Very fast delivery, 6 working days. Excellent quality, accurate alignment, recommended purchase. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
chrisb chrisb
initially purchased for one particular job, stright out of the box fitted with a holding fixture 40 hours plus of milling later no problems it stood up to the job better than expected. used for a few smaller jobs since, got the thumb up from me
Cozmei Cozmei
Universal Dividing
It is a good product that can be adjusted. I couldn't remove the universal play, the play was between 1-2 degrees, because the screw defective and inside - it barely came out... photo: screw.jpg and inside.jpg With a tap and die M20 die 1.5 mm I solved the problem and it works very well. picture: tap.jpg I put a material so that the screw goes hard. The rest is very good. picture: good.jpg I buy again 3 product I buy again 3 product
Amazon Customer Amazon Customer
Works really well I would buy again with no worries
Instructions were poor got some good tables on line for free brown and sharp seems to use the same gear ratio so just used there tables used it to put hex on round bar so far
E. Robert E. Robert
Dividing head
Needs some adjustment before use, but works good. I have used it for several different small jobs and been happy with the result. Might be smart to take it apart and clean out the factory grease and oil and replace with better quality. Very good value for the money.
Timothy B. Rhyne Timothy B. Rhyne
Headstock Taper is not #7 B&S
This is a very nice dividing head for the money. Pretty well finished and smooth operating, very little lash in the gearing.If you were thinking to use an ER32 chuck in the headstock taper note that the taper is #2 Morse not #7B&S as stated in the specifications. That is really good news given that the ER32 chuck adapter for #2 Morse is much cheaper than the #7 B&S. They are also available with 10mm drawbar threads so you can eliminate the chance of slipping in the taper.I checked the run-out specifications and found the following: Radial run-out of the spindle nose spec 0.0006" Actual <0.0002" Radial run-out of spindle taper nose spec 0.0008" Actual was about 0.001" Radial run-out of spindle taper hole 4" distant 0.0014" Actual was 0.0025" Radial run-out of test bar with 3-jaw chuck 0.0031" Actual was 0.003"So the specs were pretty close and my measurements might not be perfect. The run-out with the 3-jaw chuck was due the the chuck back-plate (spindle nose locating diameter had <0.0002 TIR). The locating diameter for the chuck had a run-out of 0.0025". That could be corrected by taking a few thousandths off the locating diameter, center the chuck and use the mounting screws to lock it in.
Michael Brown Michael Brown
Great value for the price!
Great value for the price. The chuck ran out about .004” when it received it. When a slight modification, it can now be indicated in.I’m happy with the accuracy and workmanship. Now let’s see how it holds up. Great for a garage shop.

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