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Hobbyist Hobbyist
200 mm
Happy with digital scales and DRO
I have bought digital scales plus a readout unit from Vevor and I'm quite happy with the kit so far. The scales (Chinese of course) are affordable, come well packaged and arrived undamaged. The readout unit likewise. Plugged the leads from the scales into the readout, switched the readout on, and everything worked first time. Plug and play. Have been busy trying to mount the scales onto a hobbyijst's drill/milling machine and that seems to work as well. A sensible set of screws, washers, and cable fasteners are included and I only had to drill and tap holes for the M4 scres to mount the scales. So far managed to install two out of three scales and they work. The aluminium tubing that encloses the glass scales has slots on that take the mounting screws. The slot that takes the reading head is covered by a rubber lips that are pushed open by the reading head and close behind it to prevent dirt from entering. It's possible to fine-adjust the position of the scales before you tighten the screws and fix the scales in place. The reading head comes with threaded holes for the mounting screws, so you want to fix the scales first and then mark, drill, and fix the reading head. I haven't been able to verify the accuracy of the scales yet (I'm going to check it with a dial indicator when everything is installed), but I'm confident that it will be ok. I believe that the readout allows for calibration of the scale but I haven't tested it yet. Recommended
duster duster
300 mm
Great product
Just what you need for accurate measuring
Micke Micke
250 mm
Great accuracy and easy too hook up to MCU. One star missing due to poor documentation and non existing R signal. I recommend using schmitt triggers in noisy environment.
Andre Andre
Looks good, works fine. The installation was pretty easy and it included an adapter to swich between the 2 different pinouts of DRO's.
Kris Kris
Very good
the build quality is good, accuracy as well.more then enough for what I need it for.easy to install, the only thing that I was expecting is to get more then one mounting brackets.
kris kris
250 mm
Very good
the build quality is good, accuracy as well. more then enough for what I need it for. easy to install, the only thing that I was expecting is to get more then one mounting brackets.
chrisb chrisb
100 mm
nice scale heavy body section, usual cable length. some have commented on plug diagram in listing as being wrong no its correct viewed from rear of plug not front. some reading heads use pins 1 - 5 for power / date not 6 - 9 the scale came with a cross over plug to change this without having to rewire the plug ! overall very happy with them
william tuss william tuss
Wiring diagram is misleading
The diagram above is misleading. It would be correct for the socket that this scale plugged into. There are numbers next to the pins in the connector. #1 is on the left not the right. The chart is correct ( #2 is ground 2nd pin from the left on the scales connector) and ( #7 is +5v, 2nd pin from the left on the bottom row)otherwise it seems to be well made and works smoothly.
david david
easy to fit, includes bolts spacers shims etc, works perfectly with good functions,
Mr Norman Mr Norman
300 mm
300mm Linear Scale
Very impressed with the build quality compared to other scales available in this price range. The extruded section is good quality material with a good weight to the whole thing making vibration issues negligible. The addition of the extra seal is noteworthy as many scales at this price are not so well equipped. A good quality scale at a very competitive price, shipping was prompt and well packaged. Comes with mounting bracket, screws and swarf guard. Overall very pleased with this item though I have not had this long enough to comment on the durability but I'm sure there won't be any issues. I will add pics of the scale once fitted and update this review to the performance of this scale. Don't waste time looking elsewhere, just buy this item you wont be disappointed. As for the fitting kit, you get what's pictured and most likely it will not suit all applications. Something is better than nothing at all and I'm sure it makes no difference to the price if it were to be excluded form the package This scale is to be used with a YIHAOGD YH LCD 2/3 Axis Milling DRO / KA300 5_m TTL - There are no connectivity issues just plug and play.

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