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Paul Baxter Paul Baxter
Absolutely brilliant wish I bought this sooner would recommend it to anyone brilliant product and the fastest delivery I've ever had aaaaa+
Pete Pete
My son bough one of these kits and fitted to his small Conquest vertical mill . I was that impressed with quality and price I bought a two axis for my Harrison lathe and a three axis for my Harrison milling machine. I previously had a quote for many hundreds of £ to fit them out with DRO’s and had decided I could live without them. My previous late, a Colchester Master long bed had a two axis DRO that cost many 100’s of £ 20 years ago. . I followed U-tube videos on how to shorten the scales and did 3 of the 5 needed with success. I milled a window in the scale to expose the glass graticule strip, then using a carbide tipped scribes, reached in about 4 mm and scribed across the glass. I the hacksawed round the alloy scale and the glass snapped off. I the milled the end clan, vacuumed out clean, re drilled and tapped the 2 mm end cap screws and refitted. Had to mill a slot in one end cap to clear the glass as I did not scribe into the extrusion far enough! The minimum lengths need to be slide travel plus 3 inches for the slider, but can be longer if you wish. I used an alloy bar screwed to the lathe cross slide to mount the scale on with the slider fixed to the carriage. The carriage scale was screwed to the rear of the bed with the slider fixed to the carriage. The mill table scale was fixed to the table edge, the z axis scale to the mill body and slider to the riser. The cross slide was the most awkward but with several brackets mounted under the table but clearing the knee riser handwheel. The brackets were useful but I had to make additional ones from 4mm alloy plate to fit my machines. I slotted all the mounting holes to give plenty of wiggle room to get the sliders working without any side forces. All the scales were mounted with the slider seals downwards out of the way of swarf or coolant. The scale guards were of no use as I had no room to fit them. The kit had no fitting instructions but there was a handbook on how to use the readout. Useful to be able to interpolate rows of equidistant holes and pcd ring. All 3 machine dro’s work well. The armoured scale lead cables are more than long enough and surplus is coiled up and zip tied to the readout bracket. . I found a use for the holey plate, no idea what it was intended for,, I flattened one bend and bolted it to the lathe splash back
Garry Champion Garry Champion
Excellent service from Vevor. These DRO and slides are great for my projects and accuracy I need. With a bit of bracketry these fitted both my machines. Boxfotd B & Myford. Certainly budget effective.
Dave Dave
Linear scale
Looks as good as a more expensive one and i think it will do as good job as any other so I wood recommended it
Lina Zaveckyte BDN Packaging Lina Zaveckyte BDN Packaging
Looks high quality
Haven't testes it yet for precision. But looks high quality product
william tuss william tuss
Wiring diagram is misleading
The diagram above is misleading. It would be correct for the socket that this scale plugged into. There are numbers next to the pins in the connector. #1 is on the left not the right. The chart is correct ( #2 is ground 2nd pin from the left on the scales connector) and ( #7 is +5v, 2nd pin from the left on the bottom row)otherwise it seems to be well made and works smoothly.
david david
easy to fit, includes bolts spacers shims etc, works perfectly with good functions,
Mr Norman Mr Norman
300mm Linear Scale
Very impressed with the build quality compared to other scales available in this price range. The extruded section is good quality material with a good weight to the whole thing making vibration issues negligible. The addition of the extra seal is noteworthy as many scales at this price are not so well equipped. A good quality scale at a very competitive price, shipping was prompt and well packaged. Comes with mounting bracket, screws and swarf guard. Overall very pleased with this item though I have not had this long enough to comment on the durability but I'm sure there won't be any issues. I will add pics of the scale once fitted and update this review to the performance of this scale. Don't waste time looking elsewhere, just buy this item you wont be disappointed. As for the fitting kit, you get what's pictured and most likely it will not suit all applications. Something is better than nothing at all and I'm sure it makes no difference to the price if it were to be excluded form the package This scale is to be used with a YIHAOGD YH LCD 2/3 Axis Milling DRO / KA300 5_m TTL - There are no connectivity issues just plug and play.
Ralph Ralph
Great bit of kit
Works a treat for the project i have on
Mike M Mike M
Works well
This was one of three I bought for my mill, each from different suppliers, because I wanted to closely match the travel needed. I already had two others on my lathe. They are all very similar, but this one has a more rounded corner along the back, which made it easier to fit to a part that had a fillet. The end construction is also slightly different and gives a slightly shorter overall length for a given travel. The packing of the slide was better than others, very important for shipping. Overall, very pleased with it. Would happily buy again.

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