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Billy Billy
Single Tuyere LCD Switch (Black & White) 2 kW
Fast delivery and value for money, economic in fuel use. It is China made and a fifth of the WEbasto price. so take that in account when you buy one. Leave room for budgeted up-grades.
Diesel Air Heater Parking Heater 12V 8KW One Hole, Diesel Air Heater Parking Heater 12V 8KW One Hole,
Diesel Air Heater Parking Heater 12V 8KW One Hole, Truck Heater, Black LCD Overall Rating
Diesel Air Heater Parking Heater 12V 8KW One Hole, Truck Heater, Black LCD Overall Rating A++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ITEM
Atti Atti
Shipping was fast, the same as in description. Assamblage was pour, I had to open the cse because the fan while roting, was touching the fixed parts, so I have to make some improvisations. Lower quality than expected, but it works quite well now. When heating with full power, after a time I get and overheating error... Oh, the controll board... It is so basic, you can not even set the time, or hours to start and stop. You can only set the working time, like a timer. But all in all it is a decent bussines for this amount, in comparition with the original ones.
Andy Bingham Andy Bingham
Single Tuyere LCD Switch (Black & White) 2 kW
Good evening, is this diesel heater one of the recalled ones that the British Goverment have said could leave to poisoning from the gas ommited from them
Antonio Antonio
I've bought 2 of them, both working great. I recommend it.
Pekka Pekka
Single Tuyere LCD Switch (Black & White) 2 kW
Lämmitin 12 V 2 Kw
Oli helppo asentaa ja ottaa käyttöön. On nyt toiminnut hyvin jo yli 200 tuntia. Ainoa puute on suomenkieliset ohjeet. En saa täysin selvää noista mukaan tulleista ohjeista ja ohjaus panelin kaikista mahdollisuuksista on osa jäänyt käyttämättä, esimerkiksi kello ohjaus.
Lyndon black Lyndon black
Single Air Outlet, LCD Switch, Black+White 5 kW
Brought to heat my workshop. A but of effort to setup and the instructions are pretty poor and appear to be missing a page in the middle. However plenty of online information and I would recommend watch a few different ones first as pump orientation is important. The control system on this particular model is the led version but much less adjustable than some other models that look almost exactly the same.
Dreilis Dreilis
Single Tuyere LCD Switch (Black & White)
Best type of heater for the price and function
Only issue is that u need to kinda research how to use your heater by yourself, instructions is waaaay messed up and dont fit to specific heater type, otherwise, great product for affordable price, deffinetly gonaa buy some more.
Milan Mimra Milan Mimra
Single Tuyere LCD Switch (Black & White) 5 kW
All ok . Po menších problémech jede dobře. Snad vydrží celou zimu. Používám na vytápění dílny. Spotřeba je ideální. Nezasahuji vůbec do nastavení topení. Používám jako zdroj akumulátor v kombinaci s nabíječkou.
Coulter Coulter
VEVOR Diesel Air Heater
Fast delivery, all working well so far. The heater is providing a good heat and runs as intended. The only problem that I encountered was a fowl smell from the rubber mounting gasket when the heater is running for a period of time, I replaced this with a silicon gasket and that seems to have solved the problem.

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