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bsanon bsanon
Great quality and easy to work with
Quality pex al pex and works great for my radiant heat project. Very durable and easy to work with.
Tomasa Tomasa
it's very expensive, but it's okay to work with it
I liked, I used to create the stem for paper flowers, you can bend it any position needed, thank you.
Brian Johnson Brian Johnson
Great value
Great product at very low price
Chris D. Chris D.
Easy to work with
Best under concrete hydronic pipe I ever used. I was able to unroll and bend the tubing, and with the aluminum inner tube it held its place. The guys pouring the concrete loved it said it as more convenient than the oxygen barrier type as it didn_ want to float. Just make sure you use the right fasteners.
Fred Duiker Fred Duiker
Bert good.
Fast deliverence. Good product.
Andrew Andrew
Works with sharkbite
Great to work with, holds whatever shape you put it in and it works with sharkbite. I'm using it for plumbing air lines around a shop.
Jim Harrison Jim Harrison
Works great.
It does work with shark bite fittings.Does need 12 for bend at the end of loop.
Maribel Fernandez Maribel Fernandez
Exelente producto
Muy Buena calidad.
raffaele raffaele
Fornitore affidabile
Prodotto come da descrizioneFornitore molto serio e proattivo
Al P. Al P.
Very pleased - and the fit for Clamp is just fine
I read reviews and checked measurements before ordering and this Review is soon after the PURCHASE - installation will be in a few months.I have all terminations that this Pex installation will require and I have checked fit. Someone wrote a review based on a Crimp Connection but I chose a Clamp connection and found that all connections will be a very good fit.The quality and value of the purchase both appear to be excellent. Oxygen Barrier is important and aluminum Pex tubing within a plastic coating both inside and outside is a guaranteed oxygen barrier. (An Aluminum layer in Pex is helpful for some but not all applications. It also increases the care needed before and during installation. Finally, accidental freezing of Plastic-only Pex versus Pex with an Aluminum layer will have different results - choose wisely.)I am pleased to order this Pex in White because I have a new, HVAC installation. A continuous run from manifold source to manifold termination should reduce the chance of leaks.Now, I chose a Clamp connection for 3 reasons:1. I will be Clamping as one of the last installation steps to prevent kinking in the Pex. Because this step will be late in the installation, a Crimp tool would not fit around the items now in the way.2. If I were to choose Crimp, I would want to be sure that the Crimp Ferrule and the Crimp Wrench are well matched. Can I otherwise trust the resulting crimp?3. The purchase of just One Clamp Wrench will work for Pex fittings in many sizes, Crimp Wrenches are size specific unless you spend yet more money to get a better Crimp Wrench with interchangeable heads.I also read reviews of Clamp Ferrules and learned that there are inferior products out there, so take time and choose a good manufacturer.After all this, I will state that I can see the advantage to a Crimp fit. A very good Crimp Connection is a fitting with the best chance to avoid turbulence because by definition. the fitting is mated to the connector with equal pressure in the circle. I cannot comment regarding past fit nor on Crimp fit for this brand of Pex but I can say that I am pleased with my purchase. Clamp fittings are considered excellent connections (perhaps equal to Crimp) and their stainless steel construction is an advantage in high corrosion environments.

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