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Heywood Heywood
Good little anvil
Haven't had the time to mpunt it yet, but I did get to hammer on it a little and it's good; the package was obviously dropped and the box was torn, and I had to do the requisite flap wheel dance to slightly round the corners and get rid of paint from the horn, but otherwise I'm pleased with the purchase.
Rich Hill Rich Hill
Heavy duty anvil
After reading the reviews I was expecting real problems with the delivery, but after one small hiccup, it was delivered just a day later than planned by two burly men in a van. Its worth saying watch your back when lifting this about.
Trold Trold
Former electronics engineer
The horn could be more smooth. I will have to grind it. One of the holes should have been square, but both holes are round. Apart from these things, I am satisfied.
Thomas Thomas
Great little anvil .
Renier de Jager Renier de Jager
30kg Anvil
Heavy, so the box it was packed in disintegrated in transit and was delivered with very little of the packaging in tacked. Anvil survived a little worse for ware but all in one piece albeit with a few scratches.
Working in Wood Working in Wood
Very good for the price. Overall very useful. The horn is a lightly rough casting and required some smoothing for finer work as does the hole , but overall the weight and design are fine for an occasional use bench anvil.
bunny rabbit bunny rabbit
Good value
bought as a present and he absolutely loves it
Martin Martin
Very satisfied with the product. Excellent quality and size is ideal for my 8 year old, but it would be ideal for anyone including professionals. Over all great service and free postage amazing for such a heavy object. Thanks again and will be checking all your products on your site.
Old Iron Engineers Old Iron Engineers
Very good for the money. This anvil needed some “finishing off”, the casting lines on the horn, the general shape of the horn & all around the edges, I removed the coating & brought it into shape with a sanding flap disc on a grinder, then finished off with some large files. I wanted the coating off all of the main surfaces & all the edges & right angles. This was an easy job & left me with an anvil that is perfect for my own personal use. Now I just need to find or make a stand.
Rick Rick
Not the worst
It's a fairly hard lump of metal to bash other lumps of metal against. What could go wrong?

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