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Stalexmkl Stalexmkl
Round Horn Steel 30kg
Excellent product, I ordered 2 times already. Good casting quality and price which is lower than similar products!
scott crawford scott crawford
Great value but arrived damaged
Arrived damaged, corner foot was broken, but other than that a great value for money.
rawfish111 rawfish111
Nice tone
For its size a good little Anvil. I have it mounted on a Sycamore log to gain the height and have had no issues with it as yet. Mainly I have used it so far for basic forging and pattern welding.I will be making some tools for use in the Hardy hole and also a holdfast in the next few weeks but envisage little problems with this having taken away the manufacturing burrs. Hardy Hole is 25mm as its the Pritchel Hole
Stalexmkl Stalexmkl
Round Horn 30kg
For this price it is an amazing anvil! Overall quality is very good, design as well. The only thing that could be better is the additional holes on the bottom for mounting, but in any case I am very satisfied!
This mini anvil is great for what I need. You couldn't go blacksmithing on it because it's only a mini anvil and doesn't have the size, bounce or resilience of a real anvil. BUT, if you want a glorified bench block, as I did, then this anvil is way better than required. It's heavy enough to hammer on and shape metal but light enough to move around the workshop to where needed. The anvil is very cheaply priced and excellent value for money. I would recommend it for light metalworking and also as a generally useful item for when you need somewhere solid to bash things on.
Oakwoodforge Oakwoodforge
Beast of an anvil that anyone can afford.
This anvil is absolutely what the blacksmithing community needs. Affordable, cast 1045 steel. Has great rebound, rings like a church bell, and so far has held up well. Big magnets are a must so break apart an old speaker or subwoofer to dull the ring and securely mount it to a nice base. Its loud. Strip the horn and round it out when ya get it for sure. Break the edges with a flap disk and plan to clean up the hardy hole. The pritchel hole is basically useless unless you have a 1" round bar to turn into a hold down tool. An option for the hold down would be to make a hardy tool for the hold down to sit in. Overall I'm extremely satisfied with the anvil. No clue what the hell I'm supposed to do with the 1 lb tack hammer they sent with it lol.UPDATE -2 years of daily use in my profession as a blacksmith. The anvil has held up wonderfully.Worth noting for the rebound tests... I use the anvil directly above the base/foot by the round horn both near side and far for anything I can. That is the area with the best rebound.There have been a few dinks here and there in the face but that's any anvil.In the two years of daily use I've also developed a few surface cracks at the far side in the area I use most. Have been there for probably a year but haven't gotten worse.
Very pleased with my purchase
I am so pleased with this anvil, which I intend to use for making knives & small items. I was going to get the 30 kg model, which to be frank would too far heavy to move around, like I have to, 20kg is perfect, does not jump around like my 10kg railtrack anvil.It is cast steel, NOT inferior cast iron as it says in the opening description, but then later says it is cast steel, which it is.I believe that at this price point you would not get better, I have a cast iron anvil & it is totally different in quality from this one.There is a very reasonable bounce with this anvil and it does ring when struck, so is of a good materialIt has a small sqare Hardy hole & a Pritchel hole as well, which are really useful. The surface is ground flat & is very hard, though the edges need rounding off as they really are too sharp, the horn is a useable size though will require smoothing off somewhat as it is quite rough. There is not cutting table on the anvil, so in my case I will use a plate of mild steel on the face of the anvil. The anvil stands four square & solid on its substantial feet, no rocking around. I have always preffered this type of European style anvil rather than the traditional London pattern, there seem to be more usefull edges, some you can leave sharp if required. I looked at second hand they were mostly overpriced & usually with sway back damage to the working face on the anvil. There are lots of videos online regarding this make of anvil which is Accacio, which I believe is Italian for steel, though made in China I think. Could have been better wrapped for transportation, yes you could damage a anvil! There was no hammer as promised, but it would have been thrown away anyhow. I would not hesitate to buy this anvil again, I am so impressed. Just make sure you are getting the right size for you, these things are really heavy! Good luck, keep safe.
Reichart Stefan Reichart Stefan
Top für Anfänger zum schmieden!
Sehr guter Amboss um das Geld.Die Fläche nach ca. 30 Stunden (siehe Foto.)Würde ich mir als Anfänger sofort wieder kaufen!
J. Parker J. Parker
My son loves it!
My son was very happy with this Annville, as was I. It also came with a free ball peen hammer which I was not expecting. My only complaint, and it really isn’t a big deal is that some of the blue paint on the Enville rubbed off in the packaging and delivery to my house. And some of it got on the handle of the ball peen hammer. Also, some of the packaging that it was wrapped in got stuck to it… I think because the blue dye or anchor whatever it was maybe wasn’t fully dry when it got boxed up… And that was a little bit difficult to get off without removing the blue paint. But all in all, a successful purchase. It seems like a pretty good value for the money!
roger a. roger a.
Best ever
Liked it all.

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