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D. Bangley D. Bangley
Works right out of the box
Your browser does not support HTML5 video. Quick to assemble and get running. Instruction book is worthless, English translation makes no sense. Plenty of YouTube videos to explain what to do though. Makes good heat, my testing says it can match a 10,000 BTU electric baseboard heater in cold weather. It is rated at 17,000 BTU, (5kW) They don't specify if that's 5kW on the burner (input rating), or coming out of the heat exchanger where it matters (output rating) I suspect we're getting the input rating, which is how many furnaces are sold. Also note this package does not include a grill cover for the heat duct pipe. Video illustrates the 6 minute computer controlled startup sequence. The camera was very close, it is not as loud as it sounds in the video. Be sure to let it complete the automatic shutdown sequence when you are done with it. It must cool off before turning off the blower, or you will damage internal components with residual heat.
Heather T. Heather T.
No issues to report
This is a CDH number five for me. (All different sellers and purchase markets but all the same style controller)Works great in my 6x12 trailer.All parts were present, components properly secured within unit, unit fired up and has ran flawlessly for the last two months with zero adjustment to any of the settings.Purchased based on reviews and it appears I_e made the right decision. ?
Emily Blankenau Emily Blankenau
Extremely hott, this thing will burn you out of your tent and heat your whole home. I wanted to be able to use this in any climate and in the rain and snow so i made a bottom floor plate and attached the intake inbetween the plate and heater housing, i then made a wall seperating the exhaust from the intake tube and filter, i made extended "weather shields" the extend out and protect the inlet and outlet air and electronics muffler exhaust etc. I also put some rubber feet on the bottom to help keep it in place and secure on the ground or roof or wherever. I attached a quick disconnect for the power wires and a long cigarette plug, i also moved the fuse inside of the housing and added wire clamps.I also got exhaust heat shield wrap to cover the exhaust but its really not needed, the exhaust on full blast still doesn't get too hot. I feel safe putting this on dry grass and not worrying about any fires. I used aircraft aluminum and hardware for all upgrades.
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