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Gróganach Gróganach
An tUasal
This was a well packaged item that arrived in reasonable time once ordered. I opted for the simple rotary dial version of these heaters which is limited in functionality but I understood this when purchasing it. Set up was straight forward. I used a PC power supply to run it which handles the initial current draw well. When turning the dial only the first 6 LEDs lit up. I thought this might be a fault but Vevor came back to me to say that this was normal operation. Since then the heater as operated well and supplies plenty of heat to my small workshop. I intend on upgrading with an aftermarket controller, silent pump, and mounting outside.
Ládin Ládin
Všechno zatím OK, vytápím dílnu 40 m2 bez problémů. Spotřeba zdá se být velmi nízká, přesněji zjistím po delším používání.
Henrik Henrik
8 kW Single Air Outlet, LCD Switch, Black+White
Det opvarmer mit væksthus og det køre fint. Kunne dog godt tænke mig det kunne starte og stoppe selv efter temperatur
Fergal Fergal
8 kW Single Air Outlet, LCD Switch, Black+White
Great product
Great product, just what I needed to heat the work shed very efficient and cheap to run. Great value.
John John
8 kW Single Air Outlet, Black LCD Switch
Great stuff, working perfectly fine . I I'm happy from day one when was start to used . Recommended to get one of the heater
Jesper Abildgaard Froberg Jesper Abildgaard Froberg
Perfekt diesel fyr varmer min garage på 40 Bruger ikke særlig meget brændstof er super glad for det
Arie Arie
I ordered two diesel heaters with (truck) platform function for use at Altitude. Unfortunately, Vervor shipped the regular version. They were also two different versions. One of them has an imbalance in the fan and makes quite a lot of noise. Despite these problems, I am enthusiastic about these heaters. There are many adjustment options. I replaced the fuel pumps for a quiet version from Mr James Browning Smith. Also order a CO meter for the perfect adjustment.
Dumitru Dumitru
8 kW Single Air Outlet, Black LCD Switch
workshop heating
I have a 6m x 6m x 2.3m workshop, and this is definitely underpowered :-( it did heat the workshop by about 4-10 degrees celsius, which is great, but not confortable when it's minus outside. If you plan on burning anything other than diesel, like used oil with gasoline, etc, it will clog the machine eventually. I've bought an upgrade kit for the lines from aliexpress, it comes with the soft green ones.
G d G d
Nöjd kund
Nice heater that fulfill al the needs.........................................................................................
Jimbo Jimbo
8 kW Single Air Outlet, LCD Switch, Black+White
All Good
Great seller! Fast response, accurate description. A great product at a very good price, delivered quickly. Pleasure doing business with.

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