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Rasmus Andersson Rasmus Andersson
Excellent machine for good price.
Really satisfied with it I used some Hemp rope arounde the handled perfect design and the mechanics are great this machine should be sold in Europe as well as it did this time I wanted to order in the spring but I could only order from US with high shipping costs so I refused but this time it was same price as it was durimg winter so I bought it and tried it a little and the design is really good thanks!
Frank Fontanyi Frank Fontanyi
from 1 to 10 id say a 6
seeds gets stuck in the wheel that bring seeds up when looking at seed plates they sent two of the same i dont rate it very high
Damon Woodall Damon Woodall
Not earthway
Not a earthway labeled planter but exactly the same other than seed plates not labeled.
Christy Christy
I am excited to use next Spring
Not able to use until next gardening season
Carmela Gaetano Carmela Gaetano
We'll be getting a review on cjm farms
Would like to get in contact with supplier for future videos to put new technology in the ground at our farm
Patrick R. Patrick R.
So much better than bending over to place seeds
Works quite well. I had 1 missing part, and came with no directions. Good thing Im a retired mechanical engineer!

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