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VEVOR 8 Quart Double Acting Hydraulic Pump Dump Trailer Reservoir Control Kit Durable  DC12V Hydraulic Pump

Customer Reviews for VEVOR 8 Quart Double Acting Hydraulic Pump Dump Trailer Reservoir Control Kit Durable DC12V Hydraulic Pump

Customer Reviews

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Derron Dillard Derron Dillard
Works great easy install
Product worked great and is good quality
Petter P. Petter P.
Alles OK Schnelle LiferungBeschreibung währe auf Deusch nichtschlächt.
Jeremy Ensley Jeremy Ensley
Sprayer boom Ya.
I am using this pump to wing up my sprayer boom. It works real good.
Vevor Customer Vevor Customer
Jordan h
Great product for the price
Conner M. Conner M.
Great Unit, So Far!
I really didn_ know how my experience of this pump would go. I needed it quickly, and I needed it to arrive and work without trouble. I decided to purchase a bale grapple for my skid loader. I_ a one man farming operation so you can only imagine how big of a life saver this has been. My skid loader does not have AUX hydraulic ports, so I went a different route. With that being said, this hydraulic unit is the center of the whole thing. Without it, it_ useless.The item arrived a lot sooner than expected. Within a week. Tracking was not accurate. FedEx actually said that the label had been unreadable and they replaced it.When it arrived it was in perfect shape. Excellent packing. It came with a total of 3 sets of hydraulic fitting adapters. Many reviews say that you must buy 1/4 BSPP adapters to NPT, so I did. While the pump is actually 1/4 BSPP, yes, it does come with adapters. I ended up using the JIC adapters that came with the pump. From there, I went to my local Rural King and bought 3/8 hose, 3/8 NPT adapter fittings to the JIC, and adapter fittings to the cylinder I needed to plumb it to. The pump did not come with mounting bolts or main battery cables. You will need to supply those yourself. For battery cables I used 6 GA. The mounting bolts at 8mm. One feature I did not expect, is for the controller to have a magnet back on it. That works nice to attach to my skid loader operator station for easy reach.With Mobil 424 hydraulic fluid that I use in every machine I own, the pump works fast and great. I use it from all angles, being mounted on a skid loader attachment. So far so good, and I have handled about 300 bales with it so far, loading and then unloading. I will update this as time goes on and share my experiences, but this has so far been a great unit.
anita sumo anita sumo
A.S it does the job.
A.S This product is very good, it does the job. I have know regret buying it.
Mom Mom
decent price
Purchased for husband's dump bed in truck. He said it was fairly easy to install. Works good. Cheaper than he could find elsewhere. Last one he bought (more expensive) didn't even make it through one season. He has high hopes for this one. Too soon to tell how long it will last. He uses it a lot.
Jeffrey H. Whitley Jeffrey H. Whitley
Read the instructions
We are a truss manufacturer, the pump is being used to raise and lower our delivery trailer. Good installation instructions and the remote came prewired.
Vevor Customer Vevor Customer
I could axe for nothing better
Well belted good ? ? ?
Petter P. Petter P.
Alles OK Schnelle LiferungBeschreibung w?hre auf Deusch nichtschl?cht.

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