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VEVOR 2L Pressure Pot Tank 2 Quart Paint Tank Pressure Pot Paint Spray Gun Kit 1.8mm Nozzle Spray Pot

Customer Reviews for VEVOR 2L Pressure Pot Tank 2 Quart Paint Tank Pressure Pot Paint Spray Gun Kit 1.8mm Nozzle Spray Pot

2 L Manually Blue

Customer Reviews

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Quality product
Delivered earlier than expected. Good quality, easily converted to pressure pot for resin
Horacedog Horacedog
I am very pleased with the paint pressure tank, I am using it to pressurise resin castings. The the spray gun can still be used if I need to.
Andrew Andrew
Handy for those smaller jobs still made strong and sturdy easy to work easy to clean ,looked after properly should last for years
stephen g. stephen g.
Packaged very well arrived in perfect condition
Packaged in a hard wood crate and air cushions in side. Good quality perfect for the price.
John Young John Young
over the moon
I'm over the moon with this firstly it got delivered very fast something i've seen vevor does regularly and i bought it to convert so i can use it for resin casting and it seems vevor is open to this as all it seem i have to do is just put an end cap on the outlet pipe, now i cant wait to use it but it is heavier than i anticipated but of course it has to be to keep the pressure in i'll certainly be recommending it to anyone looking for one
Jason Jason
Excellent service from Vevor - numerous email notifications of order progress and next day delivery. Very well packaged and courier was excellent too, equally with email notification of progress. The unit still has the internal paint tub fitted even though it's the resin model. I tried to remove the tube by unscrewing but it was well and truly in there - resulted in cutting it off. Even heating it didn't loosen the thread lock adhesive. The chamber is very well made, excellently painted and all the valves are high quality. I used a 6 litre mini compressor (6.3CFM) to pressurise it and it took about 40 seconds to reach 50psi, from no charge in the compressor. The chamber holds it pressure and does not leak at all over an hour of testing. I have not tried it for resin casting yet (too cold in the garage - only using the compressor to blow wood dust off the beer cans!) but I have absolutely no doubt it will be brilliant. I did consider converting a paint chamber - but no point. This unit comes complete and ready to go, why have the stress, extra time and effort messing about buying the extra valves, etc for a DIY unit. This ticks all the boxes and converted ready to go. Trust me - I did a lot of research before buying.
Noel Casley Noel Casley
Brilliant set of dent pullers great value for money. A great set to complete my panel beating set of tools I bought 2 sets but the vevor set was cheaper than the other supplier. Very happy with this purchase.
Discover Rings Discover Rings
Easy to convert into a pressure pot for resin casting.
I'm really happy with this pot. There are loads of videos on YouTube showing how to convert it for resin casting. I pressurise mine to 60 psi and it holds perfectly. Bear on mind you'll always lose a couple of psi as the air cools back down. To convert this in the same way I have, you'll need... 3/8x1/4 bsp male x male fitting 1/4 bsp Tee (all female) 1/4 female to male ball valve 1/4 male to whatever your compressor or pump uses 1/4 pressure gauge (the pot comes with one but I chose to get a sturdier one) Ptfe tape The pot also comes with a pressure release valve There are two holes in the lid, one is 1/4 and one us 3/8. I screwed the pressure release valve straight into the 1/4. I assembled the other as in the photo but switched the gauge and inlet around. use 3 wraps of ptfe on each thread. This is how I put it all together, do lots of research and make sure you're confident :) If this was useful or if you have any questions, pop to instagram and say hi!
Janne W Janne W
It works perfect and it´s easy to adjust amount of coulor for different needs. Maybe the hoses could be a bit softer. Was also a bit hard to put all things together, but eventually I managed to make it work.
Kenneth Fallows Kenneth Fallows
Not used it yet as I have not been doing anything to paint but we'll let you know later if it isn't good product

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