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VEVOR 2PCS Metal Table Legs, T- shaped Dining Table Legs 16” Height, Desk Legs Bench Legs Feet DIY Coffee Table Legs, 1763lbs Load Capacity, Steel Table Legs for Kitchen Office Desk

Customer Reviews for VEVOR 2PCS Metal Table Legs, T- shaped Dining Table Legs 16” Height, Desk Legs Bench Legs Feet DIY Coffee Table Legs, 1763lbs Load Capacity, Steel Table Legs for Kitchen Office Desk

16 x 18 inch

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debora debora
The use is very convenient.
Very easy to use. Well worth the money.
dian dian
Service attitude. The customer service is quick to answer questions
The customer service is quick to answer questions and has a satisfactory attitude.
Bovinian Bovinian
Really great..
I looked... I am sure... at every table leg amazon had... and picked these. They were adjustable on the bottom which I needed to twiddle with since the floor wasn't perfectly level. I also wanted something I could use with an inexpensive kitchen worktop for a custom length desk. I was worried about the span and deflection and the extra support the t gives was ideal... it also allows that I can flip the t in either direction and a person could still sit at the end of the desk or table if I choose to change it up in the future. Quality is excellent... shipping by the seller was fast. The were scheduled for a week delivery and got them in two days.The only comment of difference is the top rails do not have all of the screw hole tabs you see in the photo. They are just on the ends of the ts. It would have made a difference to me if I was going to attach board length timbers... which was not my purpose... but it might be yours so worth mentioning.
Shasha G. Shasha G.
Love the Style for my table
I was skeptical because I want to actually see it. Since one store and most if the store I went to will have it delivered anyways, I went for Amazon and cross my fingers. It didn't dissapoint. Table is 6ft and the legs still have good distance in between
John 117 John 117
Images on amazon don't directly match, great for those willing to accept some minor imperfections
The image shows tons of little metal tabs with screw holes to secure it to whatever table top. There are only 6 total holes in metal tabs to allow for screws. I wanted more, and there were two tabs with no holes so I drilled in 2 extra holes there (two different tabs). Thing looks awesome and its rock solid. Note if adding the screw-in feet you gain about a full inch minimum and up to maybe ~2.5 inches max. I really wanted a 27 inch height, since my desk top is 1.5 inches thick and I'm using it as a giant PC desk. Just a tiny to tall for my preference, but its fine. I folded up paper like 12 times and shoved it sneakily under the legs to balance them out on the floor. Much better than using the feet, since they increase the height even more, and I already wanted it shorter.The only bit of trouble I had during installation was that the are 4 holes on the main square sections, and the third part of the leg bolts into that square. The receiving threaded bolt whole is a metal insert piece and mine slit around, so I had to set it on the floor and sit on the third leg to apply pressure so I could screw in the bolt (it kept spinning as I tried to screw in the bolt, sitting on it held it still).
tomas peralta tomas peralta
I buy this to put a stone table top 90” x44” is good
Great heavy duty I fully recommended
Newlywed062219 Newlywed062219
Sturdy! Very happy with them!
Great legs. We made a 12 foot conference table and its sturdy as can be. Very happy, good quality. - Amanda L
Defresne virginie Defresne virginie
Facile poser. Vraiment super article.
Vraiment bien. Solide un style actuel. Un beau meuble pour pas cher.
Yeah right..... Yeah right.....
VERY sturdy.
Fantastic. VERY sturdy and would hold just about any size/weight you out on them. Little tough to get assembled though. Overall I'm very satisfied.DP
Vevor Customer Vevor Customer
Well Worth The Money!
I used these legs to build using a 6' x 3' x 1.5" island butcher block countertop. Shipping we fast and they arrived without any issues. They were backed very well. In fact, there was a hole in the box from shipping, but much to my surprise nothing was missing and the legs were not damaged. Not even a scratch in the finish. That being said, these legs are built like a tank! They went together extremely easy and all the holes lined up perfect. They did come with black hardware as well. This was not a big deal to me but, I did have to go out and buy longer wood screws because the kit only comes with half inch screws. I see a lot of people complaining about these legs in the reviews and maybe I just got lucky, but this product is well worth my 94 dollars.

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