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Commercial Sausage Stuffers & Jerky Shooters

VEVOR Electric Sausage Stuffer 10L Variable Speed Sausage Maker Stainless Steel (29)
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VEVOR Sausage Stuffer: Turn Ground Sausage Into Perfect Links

Commercial sausage stuffer is designed for quick and efficient sausage stuffing. When running a restaurant where you add sausages to your recipes, it's hard to buy pre-made sausages, hence a meat stuffer helps you save money and have happy customers. 

We at VEVOR aim to make your life convenient with our high-quality products. VEVOR is here to aid you by providing various machines to improve your sausage-making experience and save you time. Keep reading to explore different categories of meat stuffer and meat grinder machines.

Meat Sausage Stuffers of All Kinds at VEVOR 

Learning more about the available options will help you choose correctly. Following are a few options that you can consider for a thriving business.

Vertical Sausage Stuffer

This type of sausage stuffer comes with great capacity, making it a popular choice among professionals working in Restaurant & Food Service industries. A vertical stuffer creates an even and desirable texture by incorporating the "air release" concept as you use its hand crank. 


  • Minimizes chances of air pockets

  • Makes it easy to fill the sausage casing

  • Lets you make different types of sausage


  • Not very easy to clean

Electric Sausage Stuffer

Known for its efficiency, this meat stuffer fits Restaurant & Food Service industries. This sort of meat stuffer can make your work quicker and easier. Invest today in a VEVOR sausage stuffer machine to uplift your business.


  • Consistent speed and pressure

  • Minimal physical effort

  • Time-saving


  • It can be comparatively expensive

Horizontal Hand-Crank Sausage Stuffer

Many people at home use Food Preparation Equipment. Horizontal sausage stuffers are mostly used to make different types of sausage. Its ergonomic handle provides you with a comfortable grip. Furthermore, this meat sausage stuffer comes with different stuffing tubes. With some attachments, you can also make yourself a snack stick.


  • Compact size

  • Suitable for beginners

  • Budget-friendly


  • Labor intensive

What to Consider While Buying a Sausage Stuffer Machine

Selecting the best-suited meat stuffer can be overwhelming due to the great number of options available. Follow the below-mentioned aspects to make a good call.

Your Production Needs

Think about the number of meat sausages that you plan to produce. Different options cater to different amounts of meat. Consider if you want the machine for large-scale production or just make yourself a snack stick. 

Material of Construction

A sausage stuffer made up of stainless steel leads to longevity. It lets the machine withstand rust and corrosion. Buying a durable machine saves your money from wasting. When getting a meat grinder or stuffer, you must consider this factor.

Ease of Cleaning

Maintaining hygiene is very crucial when it comes to these machines. Easy disassembling leads to an easy clean. See which type of sausage stuffer is easier for you to clean and make your choice accordingly.

Basic Functions of a Meat Sausage Stuffer and Tips For its Maintenance

This machine helps you evenly put ground meat in a sausage casing evenly. You push the meat through with a hand crank and get an evenly distributed mixture without air pockets. The electric meat sausage stuffer helps in making the products at high speed.

To maintain the machine, make sure not to overload it. Clean it deeply after so that no residual is left and the hygiene is well-kept. Reading the manual or learning how to use it properly will also help you keep it well-maintained and not damage it.

Best-Selling Meat Stuffers From VEVOR

Stuffing sausage of different kinds was never effortless. VEVOR is a reliable company that provides its customers with the best quality products. Look at the following best hot options to choose from. 

VEVOR Manual Sausage Stuffer Maker 3L Capacity

Presenting you a manual sausage stuffer that comes with multiple stuffing tubes. The ergonomic handle enables convenience and efficiency. However, a vertical stuffer is much more mountable. The stainless steel in this product makes it water resistant and lasts longer.

VEVOR Electric Stuffer 15L Stainless Steel Variable Speed 

VEVOR has brought you an option with a well-designed body, making it an ideal commercial sausage stuffer. The vertical sausage stuffer is easy to assemble and use. Plus this product also comes with different sausage stuffing tubes of varying diameters.

VEVOR Sausage Stuffer 5LBS/3L Capacity Homemade Sausage Maker Stainless Steel

Introducing a homemade sausage stuffer that reduces waste and is a great time saver. This manual machine provides efficiency using its ergonomic handle.Moreover, the air release valves provide an upgraded touch, and food-grade aluminum gives this machine a feel of novelty. 

VEVOR Electric Sausage Stuffer 30L Capacity, Vertical Meat Stuffer Maker 

Stuffing sausage with this 30 lb electric sausage stuffer from VEVOR is structured and quick. It comes with a large capacity and well-built details. Electrically operated, this stuffer lets you make different types of sausage at once. The premium quality makes it super sturdy too.

Why Choose Machines For Stuffing Sausage of Various Kinds From VEVOR 

VEVOR, as a leading brand, has multiple plus points that makes it one of the top marketplaces. Following are a few of those positive aspects.

Value For Money

The prices at VEVOR are reasonable considering its premium quality products. Getting one of the best available options at such prices is remarkable and sets VEVOR apart.

Wide Range of Products

From home-suitable sausage stuffing machines to industrial-grade machines, VEVOR has got it all. You can search for multiple things in one place due to its vast range of items. This will lead you to the machine that is specific to your needs.

Customer Support

Spare part availability and technical assistance for VEVOR's customers ensure they have good customer support. With its responsive, following up, and knowledgeable staff, VEVOR can be considered to have reliable customer support.

FAQs of Sausage Stuffer

Q1: Can I find a well-reviewed horizontal or vertical meat suffer at an affordable price at VEVOR?

A1: VEVOR offers affordable, well-reviewed options in both types. Compare features for your needs. From VEVOR, horizontal sausage stuffers are easy to clean, and the vertical meat stuffer comes with a premium air release valve.

Q2: Are electric machines harder to clean?

A2: Electric machines come with multiple components, but some options are easier to disassemble, giving an easy clean.

Q3: Can a meat grinder be used as a meat sausage stuffer?

A3: This meat grinder from VEVOR has multiple uses as it has various accessories that can be installed according to your requirement. 

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